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PostSubject: Bloody Hell   Bloody Hell I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2012 6:13 pm

    Name: Maddening Prick.
    User: Mei Fuyumi.
    Appearance: Mei's blood is mostly used around her hand area, namely at the nail parts. Where the harden skin creates the nail, is where the blood creates the actual blade part of the weapon known as Maddening Prick. Each nail is roughly four inches and a half long, and can only reach out far as her arm can. The new 'nail' is dripping crimson maroon red, usually dripping off at the sharp pointed edge. By looking at each of the nails, you are able to see small pockets of air running through the claws, giving them a eerie and creepy look to them.
    Range: Five Inch length, plus the reach of her arm.
    Blood Loss:

  • 1/3 of a pint so .33/11ps, to every inch and a half, to make them more condensed and stronger, to last against the other blood weapons such as the sword, or scythes many Deadmen carry.

    Description: Mei's blood ability is basically surrounded by her nails. By taking anything sharp, and running it over the edges of her nails connected to the skin, she pierces it and causes he blood to extend into five inch blood nails. These nails are extremely dangerously sharp. It is possible for Mei to do it to both hands, but usually she only connects them with one hand, using all five fingers. Mei dislikes trying to extend them to a higher reach point, mostly because it drains her blood, causing her to feel faint. Thus she remains at five inches.

    One advantage that Mei has with her 'claws' is the fact they are extremely sharp, on all sides and more so at the point. When someone tries to attack them from the side, there is a possibility that they'll cut whatever in half, or cause a clashing sound, as if it it was metal against metal. Mei has the chance to dig the tip of the claw into someones skin, being sadistic, she continues to dig through for her own pure amusement.
    History: Funny how fate works, right? Who would've thought that her being sadistic could possibly stem from the fact she could control her own crimson liquid? No one could, not until she realized when on her rampage when she was in her late teenage years. Someone was trying to keep Mei away from them, and by accident slashed the back of her hand when she defending herself - strangely enough it was exactly on one of her finger nails as well. Cursing and sneering with pain, she saw that her entire nail was missing, causing the Daemonic rage to increase, and that's when she realized something, her blood was moving - it was shaping itself into something she never would've thought of. She grinned like a crazy woman that she is, and realized it was shape in a large claw.

    Over the months that her humane personality was kept in a coma, the daemonic personality noticed that she could control her own blood, and created claws for both hands by cutting her nails where it meets the skin. However, there is another way and that's also by ripping off her entire nail. This usually leads her hands to be covered with gauze and protect her nails from being infected. When she was arrested, police made sure to keep anything away from her and also made sure her hands were protected and covered.

    Name: Crusnik.
    User: Mei Fuyumi.
    Appearance: Mei learned to create Gauntlets from the early stages of being in Deadman Wonderland. These Gauntlets are created by her cutting the back of her hand, all the way down to the mid length of her arm. The crimson liquid appears darker for a unique and special reason, for the sense of 'defense'. The blood bubbles up and creates a harden layer of two inch blood that covers the arm until the slightness of her under arm. What's even more special about this blood is it's always able to attach itself to anything created of blood, due to it drains the blood.
    Range: Personal; Right, Left or Both Arms.
    Blood Loss:

  • 1 Pint for each Gauntlet so 1/11 | | Gauntlets // Last 10 Posts ;; Drains the blood created from Blooded Objects

    Description: Using a blade of some sort, by piercing the skin on her back hand, and then down to her elbow at least, or midway forearm. The blood actually crawls out of the gash and around her arm, though it doesn't exactly connect with each other. The liquid is a darker crimson for the some odd reason, wraps around her fingers to protect them as well, but doesn't always coil around them completely. There aren't any type of air pockets, unlike the nails. Instead the blood completely solidifies itself, creating a protective casing around her entire hand/forearm. The blood acts as if it's an actual pure iron/steel gauntlet from the dark ages when knights would wear them, acting like a protective covering. When anything connects to the gauntlet, it acts like metal.

    History: No one knew that she was considered a 'Deadwoman' when she first entered Deadman Wonderland. Instead, they thought she was some bipolar woman. She would flip flop from a womanly mother figure who'd take care of anyone who needed her help, especially if she saw them getting hurt or being lonely. Otherwise, she was known as a madwoman, taking any form of glass shards, or finding some type of weapon and slowly beginning to slice into someone's flawless skin, it made her more sadistic side to see something so pure, it sickened her to the pit of her stomach. No one would want to stand up to some type of Lunatic, someone who would turn from an Angel, into a Demon at the first sight of blood.

    That is, until there was someone else who was perhaps nearly crazy as her. She was perfectly normal, humane for once. They said Undertakes were trying to hide her from violence, but yet also trying to keep her behaved and well being. Basically experimenting on her split personalities. Yet, someone decided to see if they could take her out, take out the Lunatic of Deadman Wonderland. Surprised, she had a hard time understanding what was happening until she realized she had something stuck in her shoulder, and then something down her right hand. Mei created something to push whatever out of her shoulder, and then realized she could form a gauntlet of sorts on her arm. This allowed Mei to protect her from any type of onslaughts from the crazy prisoner.

    What else was one to do? Defend.. or survive? Mei was isolated for Forty-Eight hours afterwards, smug with her new bloody ability.
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PostSubject: Re: Bloody Hell   Bloody Hell I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2012 7:51 pm

Maddening Prick-Fine fine it makes sense and has a double pun for it's ability and it makes for a sexy technique of BoS. Approved.

Crusnik: I just finished something in which Crusnik was used as a main category of being. Interesting that you should name it that, anyway the ability is basically an enhanced version of the first with additional blood cost so this is alaso accepted.

All in all: Approved.
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Bloody Hell
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