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Kisho would waltz into the cafeteria, a smile on his face and hunger in his eyes. He was looking around like a delighted child at a toy store, unsure of which to pick or in search of that one thing he wanted the most. In Kisho's case, he wanted a candy bar and from the words of Neistovyy prior, should be able to find one within this area.

Kisho would shuffle on over to where the food was being handed out, looking for something of interest to his appetiteā€¦that candy bar. He saw nothing and was beginning to grow disappointed, a pout like expression creeping upon his face.

"Hey you guys have any chocolate candy bars???" he would question the servers. They would look at each other then at Kisho before shaking their heads with a no for answer.

Kisho would sigh, placing a hand on the hilt of Revelation as he would turn away.

"Ugh, this freaking sucks. I wanted that candy bar so bad. Sigh, perhaps any piece of candy would do." he would say aloud, somewhat to himself. Though nearby prisoners caught ear of his last statement, nervous about the possession of their survival candies.

Kisho would smile charmingly however, despite his disappointment. He was still happy to be hear, or at least he was showing that he was. One was never too sure with him.

Well now that he was here, he would simply bide time volunteering another watch service, this time surveilling the cafeteria. This was an area where violence was high and boy did he enjoy violence.
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