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The Chief, Charlie, sets up an event for all prisoners to participate in. Will you participate? Sign up here!
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The Bloody Swan, Manako, and the Exorcist, Zilo, engage in romance. Is it true or fake? Click here
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 Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix

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Professor Hannibal

Professor Hannibal

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PostSubject: Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix    Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix  I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2012 1:11 am


Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix  Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Phoenix, Blake
Nickname: Dr. Phoenix, Professor P, The Volatile Professor, Dr. Hannibal
Age: 24
Event Name: Professor Hannibal
Classification: Therapist, Surgeon

Known to those who hasn't really been to the depth of Blake's mind might find him to be a delight having around and or a genius with incredible skill in the field of medical care. Kind to most people with a general low monotone voice that some would find very bland but very truthful. Speaking of which Blake is known for his truthful nature telling people how he really feels about a situation involving them. But as previously mentioned that is to those whom really don't know Blake at all.

Having the mental genius of therapist and the wits of a surgeon Blake is probably just as insane or maybe more insane than those he is suppose to be helping on a daily basis. His mental capacity had been previously called into question before his time at the Wonderland but has since vanished off of his professional record after his groundbreaking studies on the effects of therapy on the average criminals mind along with minor experimentation on them.

His treatment of prisoners varies on a case by case basis but almost always ends up with some unruly treatment of them let it be psychological torture and or physical torture his radical mind is how he helps his patients for better or for worse whichever honestly concerns him none at all. He will go as far as killing in order to further any of his goals let it be killing himself or someone else.

To regular pedestrians Blake feels the same way towards them as he would a deadman. He feels they are all subject to his cruel and subjective punishment but as previously stated he has a thing to keep this locked away from them on a sort of mental switch which he is in full control of. Considering this contradicting but its so. They appear to be more valuable to him compared to others because they have the Fear gene which proves much more valuable then those with the victory gene. They are commonly left alone until new subjects are needed for experimentation but in rare cases they are killed and their brains will be put in a form of cryogenic statis.

Now back to the nice facade some might see from the leader of the medical team in the Wonderland. A helping kind man always seen with a smile and a happy go lucky smile and a devil may care attitude. Always making conversion with guards and inmates alike you can catch him reading the daily paper and catching up on current events down in his barracks where he works on his studies on his "Rule of Five theory" which he believes can change the world for not the better but for the worse. But to others they will just be told hes working on a new form of "Mental psychology" for the patients.

His sexual preference cannot be described as straight nor gay considering he'd do anything and anyone in order to further his scientific goal and fix the fear in the world by claiming it with victory. Even raping someone isn't out of his playbook considering it is a form of torture which means he promotes it like no other. This only plays back to how he is willing to do anything to further his goal and extract information from someone.

As for his genius, Blake is no slouch. His mental ability is rivaled by none on the base but can be outdone somehow. Everything he does is done in the form of a boardgame sometimes playing chess by himself in order to stay mentally sharp and prepare for battle with the jail at all times. He is also very good with his jobs such as being a surgeon which has taught him most of the human body and basics of medicine. His other job as a therapist has left his mentally able to pick someone apart with words rather then actions but the latter doesn't hurt here and there.

Because of his mental capacity Blake loves testing others resolves and makes a game out of it to see what it takes for someone to break what must they endure in order for them to become someone else. This is his form of testing out a theory before going in a full blown experiment on the subject.


Theory Studying

Debby Downers
:People who think science is stupid
Those who foil his plans

Quirks: His poker face allowing to give the best of lines while giving the blankest of expressions.

Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix  Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Blake has a fair toned skin. His hair is black and his eyes are a sharp yellow which looks pretty damn unnatural. His hair is pretty shaggy with a controlled flow to it and somewhat tamed. He has a young look to him as if he was fresh out of college which is somewhat true. His face is kept clean and his jawline is somewhat square. His physique is somewhat athletic but when carefully examined you can tell Blake isn't that built as someone at his weight and height should be. His common attire consist of his white lab coat with a ID Card on it which reads "Professor Phoenix" with his picture and information which is on the left handside this is used for getting into the medicine department of the facility. As for the right handside Blake keeps 3 pens in his top pocket. A black pen a blue pen and a black marker which he uses for certain "things" Inside his coat on the right hand side Blake carries a little notepad which flips pages by lifting each page upwards.The first half of the book is regular paper while the second half is made for writing prescriptions. Under the coat he wears a regular zipped up violet sweater which has a rather high collar which comes down over the top of the lab coat. Under that he just has a basic white t-shirt. He wears burgundy pants with some dark brown boots which have his pants seemingly stuffed in lightly. Around his neck is his stethoscope which has a giant W on the back.

Height: 6"3
Weight: 213LB
Special Characteristics: Earring in his left ear with the anarchy symbol on it.

Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix  Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Surgery Proficiency: Because of his prior studies Blake is adept in surgery of the most common kinds being able to perform them when given the right equipment to do so.

Scalpel-do: By mixing his basic knowledge of kickboxing and his medical prowess Blake developed his own form of martial arts which combines the two allowing him effective kicking and punching techniques while wielding a scalpel as his main weapon or bare handed.

Pressure Point Knowledge: After studying the human body for sometime Blake learned the inside and out of it pinpointing the exact location of every pressure point of the body allowing for effective moves.

Medicine Studies: Because of his schooling Blake has learned his fair share of medicine allowing him skill when using it.

Mental Prowess: Known as a therapist Blake has the mind to match allowing for his quick thinking mind and intelligence to work for him in various ways to study the body and mind.

Agility/Speed: A greater sense of speed and agility compared to most allowing for faster movement when it comes to the average human speed compared to most with this ability.

Causality Perception: After studying inmates for so long and working with some here and there Blake has learned how to study their movements in order to get a sense of how someone will react in a violent or pleasant manner.

Blood Type: O
Ambitions/Dreams: To finish the F.I.V.E plan
Quote: "Fear is Victory's Evolution"

Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix  Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Early Life

Born, Adrian Persons. His upbringing was like no other. He lived with both parents whom had fairly okay jobs. They provided for Adrian through everything in life making his childhood somewhat easy but alas they always knew their son was different. He had a different way of life he carried himself differently. He would always play with his toys all day and talk to them as if they were asking him questions. This child appeared lost mentally but it wasn't that. He was just on a higher plane of intelligence at a younger age. He understood and rationalized the situation and believed he was actually helping these toys. He was still a child but yet his psyche wouldn't allow for such a situation.

While in middle school Adrian learned about Deadman Wonderland and began going to their shows on a regular garnishing a major interest in the event but knowing well enough he wasn't going to be in this place because he wasn't like that. But him? He had more goals. What if Deadmen could become freemen? What if they just needed help. What if they just needed a confidant. With that realization he would apply for a internship at the Wonderland to which he was accepted. He began in their medical department under close watch by other staff members to make sure he hadn't witnessed or heard to much other then the stuff he was suppose to. By the time he was in highschool he was already considered a member of the staff but it was known he didn't meet the requirements.

Soon after he found some attention at the Wonderland his parents would start picking him up from work because of his rather business highschool life. One faithful day they came to pick up their son a prisoner broke free and began an attack. This attack left 5 dead and 2 wounded. 2 of those 5 were the parents of Adrian. They were left decapitated by the Deadman which mentally sent Adrian over the edge. He left his internship at the wonderland and changed his name to Blake Phoenix. With the new name and lack of motivation Blake lived most of his teenage life in the home once owned by his parents. Shortly after starting college Blake realized he wanted to become a therapist and join the Wonderland as an agent that was going to kill the Deadmen. He changed his hair color from burgundy to black and got his eyes chemically altered yellow.


While in college studying for his psychology major Blake learned the wonders of learning the human body. This caused for him to take up a double major and studying in the Medical major. During this time Blake devised a theory that Fear is victories evolution. Which has the belief that in order for someone to do something they must experience victory. After victory they must fear someone will come and challenge their success. Thus forming a food chain of the mental populace. With that theory done he formed a hypothesis which he made a side project as he neared his college graduation and was offered a job at the Wonderland which actually saved him time of trying to get his way into the company. With the knowledge he held Blake was going to enjoy his current job just as the bastard who killed his parents enjoyed it.


It has been about three years since Blake got his job at the Wonderland and began his research being awarded for his breakthrough studies on the way the mind works of a man who has only seen blood for years on end. While some Deadmen have reported Blake for his methods he has yet to be fired and or warned for his exerts but has learned new things about the wonderland and started digging into something about Artificial Deadmen....

Theme Song: N/A
RP Sample: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix    Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix  I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 3:20 pm

Classification would be officer for this character, medically based mind you. Approved you psychopath that made me do all this shit so that you could be different. Had to think...
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Hello, Prisoners. My name is Professor Phoenix
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