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Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! Create.php?text=Battle%20Royale&name=chancur
The Chief, Charlie, sets up an event for all prisoners to participate in. Will you participate? Sign up here!
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Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! Create.php?text=Romance&name=chancur
The Bloody Swan, Manako, and the Exorcist, Zilo, engage in romance. Is it true or fake? Click here
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 Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit!

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PostSubject: Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit!   Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2012 10:26 pm


Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Kannouteki, Manako.
Nickname: -
Event Name: Bloody Swan.
Classification: Deadman.

Manako is seen as a cold-hearted person, without warmth or kindness. Being that Manako is bipolar - she has twin personalities, both being unique. Manako is percieved as a woman who is awfully kind, or at other times, the woman you do not want to be around. She can be cruel and lethal, and at other times she is a sweetheart. She is known to be sneaky, a thief at times, trying to snag others' cast points and "candy". Manako is not the person that you want to fight, for she can be awfully ruthless, and does not care how much she is hurt. She loves to create new techniques, and seducing men. Manako doesn't really hate Deadman Wonderland, as her previous life, she claims it was worse. She calls Deadman Wonderland her home and the place she feels most safe at, which is unlike most prisoners.

Kind/Sweet Manako

Manako, in this state, is as said above. She has a pure heart, innocent, kind and sweet. She is full of happiness and love and just wants to giggle all of the time. She is quite funny in her actions and in a way, she acts like a child. She likes to act immature in this mood and tries to kiss people that she really likes, no matter the gender. She loves to set herself in a peaceful room with candles, and setting herself in a delicate mood.

She likes to be around people, and won't deal with being alone anyways. She likes to be clingy and even grabs random objects if she can't find something to grasp. She can be shy and timid, unknowing to those she hasn't acquainted, and is cautious, but her "cautious", is just not talking as much as she usually does. She smiles delicately and likes to clap whenever she finds something humorous. Manako likes to mainly be around men in this state in a friendly way, but females tend to set her mood off. She is hard to become friends with, since she is so confusing. Manako tends to have a habit for grasping her breasts, especially in front of men as one of her ways of seduction, and self seduction as well.

Relentless/Angry Manako

Manako, in this state, acts as if she is "at her time of the month", although, worse. She tends to lash out and snap at random times and using her fists to take people out. She is hard to control in this mood and although she is like this, she is very seductive when she wants to be in this state. She likes to seduce men - and then take a hit against them. She acts a little psychotic, laughing manically when she finds something funny, or when she hurts someone else.

Manako is the kind of person (in this state) that when someone expresses their love or feelings, or hatred, or anything about themselves, she will be selfish and rant about herself, and how SHE feels, and how she is better than everyone else. Manako is known to be harmful, and in a way, emotionally abusive. Manako is anything but nice in this state, and won't even give mercy to anyone when she is fighting. Not even the closest people to her.

She likes trapping herself in a room where there is lots of red. Red is a calming colour to her.



    * Spicy cuisine
    * The thought of love
    * Thievery
    * Fighting


    * Sweet food
    * Being alone
    * Hypocrites

Quirks: She has a habit of grasping her own breasts.

Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Manako is thin and fragile looking, although, she has large, rounded breasts that sit tight to her body, not with the least bit of sagging. She is often seen wearing a nude-coloured tank top, from the side, it shows part of her breast, and down to her waist, bare and revealed. Her hair is thick and long, to about her ankles, red in colour, like blood. She sports a pair of tight black leggings, appearing shimmery and silky like satin, although, they are cotton and lengthy, running below her ankles.

Her face is round, and covering her right eye that was removed from an anatomy from a penalty round, she has a black eye patch, and her other eye is a blood red hue, deriving from her name: Manako. Her eyelashes are long, matching her hair colour, and her eyebrows are thin and feminine, with a petite nose and soft, rosy pink lips, she is seen as an attractive female being.

Manako has scars on her forearm, running vertically from activating her Branch of Sin. Plus, she has a tattoo sprawling from her thigh, in a gothic rose design. It is black with grey accents, detailed nicely.

Her hair, waves slightly around her neck, flaring out to her shoulders like a bloody fountain. It is tied into two ribbons, leaving a lock of hair in each to accentuate her face. Her hair, reaching the same colour of her eyes, matches a fiery essence. Her hair sits around her round face, like an angel's hair, and waves slightly at each spot.

Manako is often seen in her two most particular moods: complete anger, or complete happiness. When she is happy, she is seen as real happy looking, often smiling and giggling, and when she is angry, she is seen with a stern appearance, fiery hatred burns in her eyes, and her smile disappears. Manako does not frown, for she just keeps a straight face.

Manako is thin, but she is quite curvy and busty, with lucious breasts that sit nicely, showing cleavage with her beige tank top. She likes to wear revealing clothing, as a tactic to make the guards do what she says.

Height: 5'6".
Weight: 121 lbs.
Special Characteristics: Above.

Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Click here for Manako's Branch of Sin.

When Manako cuts from her wrist to a spot on her forearm, this technique is utilized like any other Branch of Sin, and the blood is extracted into what looks like a dagger, that extends from her wrist and to three feet in front of her. The daggers blade are seen as the blade facing away from her, to make for easy impact.

    * High Pain Tolerance Manako can deal with a lot of pain, although she is known to be weak to burning-like symptoms.

    * Pick Pocketing Manako is a top-ranking thief, one of the reasons why she is here, in Deadman Wonderland.

    * Stealth Manako is stealthy and is amazing at sneaking around. She has quiet, next-to-no sound comes when she moves, and she is able to disguise herself in small areas.

Blood Type: A-
Ambitions/Dreams: She wants to get out of the prison eventually, although, stay because it's better than home.
Quote: "Some day, the sun won't set, and the moon won't shift, the sky will remain silent and dark, and the day will never come again."

Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox



Manako was born to a high-expecting family, her mother and father were high up in the world, and she was decided in their family as a "mistake". She has always been viewed as one, and she has always felt unwanted. Manako had no siblings, a family who was always gone at work, and she was sent to a school that was known as the "rich kid's school". Since she had no money that she could earn for herself - being so young, the young girl decided to lock her emotions inside of her and stay shut, so no one could be warming up to her, and whenever she could, she snagged or "stole" items from someone, and since the rich kids were so snobby and having so much, they never noticed what had happened.

Manako grew up year after year, showing that she was more mature than anyone in her age group. She gave up her childhood to be a lying thief, and tried her hardest to push anyone away. Her mother and father acted loving to her, and she decided that she would rather be on her own than take her steps being controlled by a rich kid's school, a family who expected too much from her, and ran away from home, to where she had always wanted to live.

Now, in a larger city of Japan, Manako had slowly gotten her friendships, leaving her past behind at only fourteen years old. Manako had befriended a boy her age, named Okami, who was kind to her, and being like her, cold shell and warm insides, they held through their life at the new school together.

Manako and Okami became greater friends each month that past - even through the people telling them to think otherwise about each other. Manako eventually had her first kiss with this friend, and Okami treated her like a princess, but being so relentless, Manako told Okami that she was "waiting for someone she really cared about", and later that evening, Okami had been reported to be suicidal, but not killing himself, he still tried to befriend Manako, making promises to her beyond her worst nightmares.

Manako eventually turned fifteen, and the mistake that changed her life, happened with this new school. One day, where everything seemed peaceful, she went out for lunch with Okami, walking downtown, and quickly, Okami changed her views on him. Okami pulled out a load of money, telling Manako that he had stolen it. Manako was seen with a large grin on her face, and together, they had robbed and killed people in the metropolitan area.

Manako was caught on the spot, and after hearing rumours about this Deadman Wonderland, her and Okami both were sent here, after noticing that each of them had a deep scar with a red glow in their bodies.

Deadman Wonderland

After being sent here, Manako was seen as a Deadman, instantly being put into the G sector. She was confused and controlled - and eventually, she found her talent in the Branch of Sin, and soon had to face Okami in a battle. Okami had fought for himself, being manipulated by himself that Manako was his enemy, and nearly killed her. Being put in a penalty round, Manako was left losing her eye, and Okami, later, had seen what he had done, and killed himself by not eating the "candy".

Manako, after losing her match, decided to train herself more, and slowly reflected her abilities through lots of training and held herself together through all of her troubles. Slowly, she worked on her Branch of Sin, wanting to have something matched for a melee like ability, slowly, the Branch of Sin was shown to be daggers that sent out of her wrists, reaching in front of her like large blades. Manako is also known to use something alike to the canon "Ganta Gun" where she can split the skin on her fingers and fire blood like a gun.

Manako worked her way up in the prisoner's world of Deadman Wonderland, befriending only few people. She started to help herself, through heartbreaks and pains, and defended herself and trained herself in combat. Slowly, she eventually learned her pain tolerance, and stealing from the guards - she was able to sneak around Deadman Wonderland, and most of her "friends" find her in the Deadman Wonderland cafeteria at night, stealing leftover food, saving herself the Cast Points.

She is known to be a rich person of Deadman Wonderland through the arts of thievery and stealth.

Theme Song: You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence
RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit!   Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit! I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 9:29 pm

All statistics are of the correct level.
History is the best aspect I must say as well. Skills/Abilities fit into history properly for the reasoning and BoS is approved so yes. I will allow you into the approved.

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Manako, the Bloody Swan. Finit!
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