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Genesis [Done] Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Kisho, Dante
Nickname: Genesis, The Rated R Guy, NSFW Man, The Real Prisoner, HIM
Age: 22
Event Name: Genesis
Classification: Undertaker
Personality: Genesis upon first meeting can seem as quite the gentleman, a nice guy amongst the sea of evil. He seems quiet and maybe even weak in normal situations. He may even seem like a pushover, someone that can be bullied into doing anything you wish. He seems like the only light in this dark place to those who don't know his true ways. He might even help a prisoner out, make them feel as if they have a friend in him. No matter how genuine this seems, no matter how far he goes to "help" someone which can be borderline going against orders, it's all a lie. This is simply part of his own sadistic game, the beginning to the hell he brings.

Genesis is just as twisted as the rest, if not more. Some may even say he should be a prisoner himself, considering his actions. Genesis is a sadist, an extremely sadistic man. He finds absolute pleasure in causing both emotional and physical pain equally. It arouses him and his way to release is simply causing more pain so that he may see a broken individual. Usually when this side of him is finally revealed, his eyes get wide with enjoyment and he gains that usual crazed grin. Once he is satisfied however, he becomes rather mellow before returning to that stage of "normal nice guy".

What triggers his "fits" as some may call them is unknown. They follow no specific pattern and seem to just happen randomly. Some may say that when he chooses to be VERY nice to someone, it means they're on his list, his next target. However that is not always true but can be used for others as a warning if they believe it.

Back to his periods of normal nice guy, normal sexual advances don't do anything for him. He'll display the mannerisms of a shy teenage virgin boy: blushing, turning away, "hiding" behind his hands, and suggesting the person to stop. If anything were to be a clear signal of his madness, this would be a sure way to know he is angry inside with the person. This could possibly cause him to break character and make him enter a blank mindset where all he wants to do is kill the individual and not even for his own pleasure. He won't make the process long and drawn out as he would if enjoying it, he would simply kill the person while carrying a bored expression. Now this differs from him flirting and inviting someone to do such things, this is when others take it there first without him playing his own role because then he'll assume it's complete bullshit and they're calling him stupid. It's an insult to his intelligence.

Most of his actions are geared toward the prisoners, because often he does not expect to be punished for it. There are some cases when he targets officers or other undertakers, however most of the time it's because they're new or invite him to it. To avoid this he tends to be a loner, not of his own choice often times. There seems to be no real biases when it comes to his interests.

Despite his own personal madness, there doesn't seem to be any indication or intention in his persona that would say he would ever really turn against the Chief and his role as undertaker, even when he "helps" prisoners. So there seems to be nothing to worry about there which perhaps puts his co-workers minds at ease somewhat.

Causing Pain
Socializing with Prisoners

Being Ridiculed
Being Fooled
Being Punished For His Actions

Quirks: He can flawlessly display any necessary emotion for a given situation. A man of many faces some would say.

Genesis [Done] Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Appearance: Genesis has a fair skin tone, brown hair, and brown eyes. He appears like a young college student and is seen wearing a white t-shirt with black sleeves often, khaki pants, and sneakers. He has a clean shaven face with a square jaw line. He has an athletic physique granting him broad shoulders and well defined muscles. His hair is usually kept neat. He is often seen wearing a kind expression with a nice, charming smile. That's when he's not in one of his "fits". When he's showcasing the sadist in him, he grows wild eyed with a hysterical grin, typical crazy appearance. This usually ends with his clothes covered in blood.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs
Special Characteristics: Genesis is tattooed on his back across the shoulders in Old English like type. He also seems to wear a dog tag at all times.

Genesis [Done] Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Hand to Hand: Due to Genesis's athleticism, he is decent in hand to hand combat. He has above average strength expected of an Undertaker.

Agility/Speed: Genesis is quick on his feet, possessing great reflexes. He could dodge a bullet with better skill than the average officer. He is fast as well, running a 40 yard dash in the time of 4 seconds flat.

Swordsman/Marksman: Genesis is very skilled with a blade, more so than he is hand to hand. He seems to be quicker and wields with precision. Not only is he skilled with a blade but his eye sight and attention to detail makes him a worthy marksman as well. Both really showcase his accuracy with hitting a target blade wise with accurate amount of power for a specific result. This is how he is capable of torturing targets for long periods, providing extreme pain and delaying death until he is ready. As a marksmen he is accuracy is like that of a sniper however he does not need a scope.

Emotion Reading/Display: Genesis can display any emotion without fail, the only thing that would cause someone to doubt (unless he wanted them to) would be knowledge of his past. Not only that but he can also read emotions very well, relying on that same attention to detail used in his combat skills, he can read body language and most of the time is capable of telling when someone is lying.

Blood Type:O -
Ambitions/Dreams: To work in Deadman Wonderland forever and being able to have his way with prisoners without ever worrying about being punished.

Quote: "I think we could really be good friends. I always help my friends." | "Do I scare you?"

Genesis [Done] Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Grade School

Growing up Dante lived with both of his parents, having a privileged life compared to other children. He never had to struggle for anything because his parents were always able to provide for him. He lived what some would call the good life. However there were always hints of his sadistic side growing up. He never found interest in normal children shows or activities. He liked to watch things full of blood and gore which was okay at first. However when he was 10, he began to become sexually aroused by these themes. His parents grew concerned and sought therapy. At first it did not appear to do any good but eventually he began to have breakthrough after breakthrough, but that simply him learning how to lie, to deceive, and simply give them what they wanted. Nothing had changed within him, he just learned how to hide it.

While in middle school, he began to hear word of The Deadman Wonderland prison. Of course something like this would interest him and he would attempt to go see the shows they held. His parents did not mind, as long as he did not show signs of that perversion toward the violence. It grew difficult when watching the live shows, shows that people believed were staged. He would sit there fully aroused but had to hide it. When he got home he would just go in his room and touch himself.

Throughout High School, Dante was easily able to keep his little fetish to himself. He seemed to finally live the normal life his parents desired for him. He had many friends and quite the social life. It was not until his senior year that he proved them all wrong. Graduation night to be specific. He asked one of his close friends out on a date, that would end in murder. The police would find Dante and the victim on the floor of a diner. He was seen on top of the victim, a steak knife in hand and the victim completely bled out on the floor around them, cuts all over. The police came in as Dante was seen licking the blood from the lips of the victim in a sensual manner before he would ask the dead body one question, "Did you enjoy it as much as I did?"


Genesis was sentenced to life in Deadman Wonderland. He stayed there long enough to learn the ways of the Wonderland. He did what he needed to survive and enjoyed every minute of it. He appeared to be a model prisoner in the eyes of the officers, following the rules and also enjoying his time there. He took pleasure in the death and carnage at events. It was unusual, for there never seemed to be any prisoner who actually enjoyed the wonderland before, that wanted to be there. Even those who had worse crimes that Dante, more brutal, more victims, even they did not show the enjoyment of being there as Dante did. Perhaps this was what lead to him being assigned to the role of Undertaker. Most people believe this to be the reason, however the reason is still unknown even to himself. However he would never question it.


Genesis has been serving as an undertaker for two years now and has built up quite the reputation. His madness has increased greatly over the time and yet they still allow him to hold the position, which is quite the mystery. Perhaps it's the fact that they know he will never really turn on the Wonderland, despite all the close calls and questionable things he's done. He seems to love the place too much to have it ruined. It's home to him.

Theme Song:

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Genesis [Done]   Genesis [Done] I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 4:54 pm

Very interesting being an ex prisoner turned undertaker, someone else has done the same thing, perhaps you can find them. Additionally the emotional display is the first type of that ability i've seen so far. Now the appearance is a little lacking in detail but I won't harp on that because you show uniqueness and creative ingenuity. Approved.
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