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The Bloody Swan, Manako, and the Exorcist, Zilo, engage in romance. Is it true or fake? Click here
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Work in Progress Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Belphegor, Asmodeus
Nickname: "Mammon"
Age: Nineteen
Event Name: Dreaded Leviathan
Classification: Undertaker
Personality: Outside of battle, the man whom goes by the name of Asmodeus is just that, as if he had become locked inside of an inverted prison, he is not someone whom openly talks to people. Regardless of if he knows them or not. He speaks when it is important, and otherwise is a man of little words. When it comes to people whom out-rank him and such, he doesn't say much unless they are directly talking to him or if he is to report to them. The reason he happens to be so introverted however is due to the fact that he is very insecure about his voice. His voice itself is that of a Irish-man, so it sounds a bit off to people whom have normal non-accents. He isn't particularly shy, he just never has much to say. If prompted to however he can easily talk often to someone whom he has some sort of physical and mental attraction to, as he finds himself being far more talkative with a person whom also shows attraction back towards him. If somehow someone was capable of being a close friend of his through constant interaction and proving they are not some idiot, he would go ahead and speak to them on a regular basis as well. He has few fears, but the ones he does have are nearly crippling towards him. Those lucky enough to get close to him are capable of seeing how his personality is in these situations first-hand.

In battle it would appear that due to the weapon he uses, he doesn't ever hold back. His whole personality turns into that of a ruthless vagabond whom's sole purpose in life is to make sure that his opponent can not get back up off the ground. He isn't one that hesitates for the cheap-shot, and has no honor in battle. He would much rather be unfair in a fight, if the outcome ensured that victory was the last outing. He does not believe in sparring due to this theory on battling and it is for that reason why he is perhaps so weak. He doesn't hold back or toy-around preferring to hit an opponent or assailant with a barrage of career ending moves. He realizes however that there is no need to kill a fellow human but this friendly gesture does not extend to prisoners of the deadman nature and forgeries, he harbors no hatred for enemies or anything that attacks him, however this seems to be contradicted by his immense sense of "kill them all." He isn't a bad person, in retrospect he is one of the nicest people around, however he was raised by a soldier, and it is due to his fathers theories on battle that he had to adopt them and even adapt them. He believes fully that the strength one carries with their power is enough to cause respect for them, which is why he joined the Undertakers in the first place. To earn this respect.

He isn't a person however whom is completely boring and somber, indulging in the drink or in other social gatherings regularly, even though he often appears out of nowhere in a fashion similar to that of Batman. He isn't a person whom also actively seeks out violence to solve his problems, which is probably why whenever he actually does have to resort to the act itself he sees it as a circumstantial gesture of me or you. Believing steadfast in his won self-preservation above others. Although he does this in the midst of battle itself, he is not a heartless creature, as a few lucky people have, as before mentioned, been lucky enough to catch his tender side in action. The very fact that anyone has happened to see this form and lived to tell the tale is surprising, but then again if they had died that'd not be the case. Even though he has the nickname of Mammon he shows no signs of being greedy. It is actually more accurate to say that he is the very opposite of nearly all these vices that have played prelude to his personality besides that of his first name itself.

Being named after the demon of lust, it is quite common that he will not actively engage in the harassment of females, even though it'd do him well to just exert his sexual desires upon them without any regards to their personal feelings. Given his history it is seen clearly why he is against these unspeakable acts themselves and exists purely for the sake of rooting out these criminals. It is implied heavily that any mention of the word rape itself would allow for the man to entire his rage quite quickly, and knowing that he does exist in a prison like environment he is often seen being constantly at odds with some of his comrades and the inmates themselves based on how they control their own sexual appetites. He doesn't seem to mind torturing others however, being able to do so with a straight face showing no sign of emotion or feeling at all. It is almost as if he was born without any sort of feelings at all, but as stated previously again, given how he was raised this isn't something that should surprise others. Though most of his time is spent looking somber, he has nice potential.

This potential extending to specifically one area that is most important to the man, which would be that of relationships. When some female is capable of drawing his attention in an interesting fashion the initial pursuit begins in nearly stylish fashion. He doesn't seem to be acting any more difference accept that his presence around the party in question seems to be more noticeable and frequent. He speaks to them often and attempts to get to know them in obvious ways, never being the type of person whom could fly under the radar after-all. If these so called endeavors were to generate with enough positive force, profitable results, he would begin to open up more to the female. Allowing her to get a glimpse into his world first hand. He finds the sharing of the mind and knowledge to be the most attractive of qualities, never being one whom would associate with a person whom he found socially inferior, rather surrounding himself with people of a likewise intelligence that allowed them to not be as useless as Officers, whom he holds disdain towards, or as cowardly as the pathetic criminals, whom he pities for being just absolute wastes of time.
Observing: He is the master of watching things play out before him, sometimes if not most of the time he seems to be disinterested in whatever events are going on around him, however this is a falsehood, as he is always watching people and taking mental notes on them. He knows where to be an when to be there because it is a hobby of his. He is so observant that he can tell catch subtle hints in peoples postures and nearly guess their current attitudes towards different situations, all the while bringing him delight.
Women: He is a man whom enjoys the company of women for the simple fact of their multitude of uses and benefits. He even enjoys when they have attitudes or are trying to kill him because they are specimens whom you can't easily predict. It is perhaps this unpredictable nature that allows for him to find girls attractive, an the more unpredictable a female happens to be the more he would begin to fall for them.
Smart People: If you are capable of showing to him that you have some forms of intelligence he instantly gravitates towards you. Preferring to be around people whom can hold a conversation with him and give him an actual reason to open his mouth. Which in turn gives him all the more reason for wanting to be around you, unlike the mass population he is accustomed too.
Ignorance: Stupid people, innocent people, oblivious people. It doesn't matter which exactly you are, it will annoy the utter hell out of him and cause him to wish death upon you. Bad enough he already dislikes the majority of people around him anyway, it makes matters worse when they show up and start talking nothing but nonsense. He wishes that the world would be rid of these annoyances.
Cowards: If you clearly are so afraid of death that you can't make a move, then perhaps you need to reevaluate your priorities. He really can not stand timid and shy people, nor can he stand people whom can't manage to make split second decisions that could cost the team and the prison something important. You can't show him that you are a person whom harbors doubts.
People In General: If you have no unique qualities and nothing about yourself that really stands out in a crowd, he will easily ignore your existence and over-look your potential value. He isn't a man whom has time to waste of people whom can't even show that they matter in any way shape or form. So it is quite hilarious really how he can work with so many people. It was due to his extreme brutality and dislike of people that he was elected to Undertaker in the first place. As he really didn't like the general population of the Wonderland and would frequently cause them pain and strife.
Quirks: His name is Lust Sloth, and his nickname is Greed. He is named after the Seven Princes of hell, as he is from the famed Belphegor house, or House of Sloths, when his grand-father legally changed his own name. His actual middle name is Beelzebub, which is Gluttony. He has continued this trend even with his weapons.

Work in Progress Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

He has cyan hair and cyan eyes, which sparkle like the sun's reflective light quality off the sun. Because of his hair and eye color it makes him feel special, especially due to the fact that he has chocolaty coco brown skin that just looks absolutely delicious. Because of his race being that of the African-American/Japanese and Oceanic/Polynesian respectively he harbors traits from both. His muscular size and larger frame are attributes of his fathers natural Oceanic and Polynesian features, and his acrobat and slender features are references to his African-American/Japanese mother. Being a mix of both he speaks both languages, and even the Japanese language due to having been raised in Japan along with his very rich and influential Japanese Grand-father. He has several tattoos all over his body that are both Kanji with the English variations of the Kanji translated directly below them. Currently he has each Prince of Hell's name tatted on his back in a Circular fashion, and inside that circle are various Kanji for death, murder, and other horrible acts that are indeed forming the shape of a pentagram.

He is masculine, very toned, and it seems he is muscular. He has nice pearly white teeth, slender eyebrows, and a supple bottom-lip. Broad shoulders, and abdomen which sports a four pack. Masculine thighs, extremely well endowed, and with slender-hairless legs. Sturdy shins, and sizable feet. He wears all black, with a black bandanna that goes down to his shoulder, a black long-coat with white-wolf fur over the rim of the hood, and a black undershirt. He wears a black belt with the DW emblem as the buckle, and he has on black tight jeans with black combat boots. He wears a black finger-less glove on his left hand. He has one skull piercing on both of his ears. He often is fond of painting his finger-nails cyan. He often wears a ring that shines pretty brightly upon his finger. It is the only piece of jewelry besides his earrings that he ever dons.

Outside of normal wear, whenever he has a little down time, he finds himself being one whom actively wears nothing too special. Casually and quite often he can be seen wearing a bright teal dress shirt that happens to have no real significant features beyond the fact that it has the initials DW on the upper right-hand pocket. He adores it usually with a purple tie that seems to have a randomly changed pattern each time he wears it. In addition he adorns his apparel with black tight-fitting slacks and dress-shoes of a matching color. The laces are however purple in color as with the eaglets. He often wears one holster on his right waist and the other holster is located on his torso on the left side. These holsters are black in color and have the initials DW on them signifying his loyalty to the cause of DW and everything that it happens to stand for.
Height: 6'6ft
Weight: 210lbs
Special Characteristics: Nothing special for a man whom is considered your average BBC. The only thing would be that he is slender, but extremely well built. Not being a mountain of muscle but still being extremely fit. His height stems from his mother, because his mother was taller than most females given her half-black heritage.

Work in Progress Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Immense Knowledge: He is a very brilliant man, borderline a sociopath and a serial killer. He was at one point in time so good at his work that he was considered one of the most prolific and violent assassins of the modern era. Who'd be surprised however given that his father is the Chief of Deadman Wonderland. It is quite stated that he got the nickname Mammon because of the fact that his victims were all people whom were rich and had a lot of security, people whom normal assassins couldn't touch without being caught. He is very keen and knowledgeable about a great many things from the mundane to the lucrative. He is so smart that his brain is like Wikipedia, and he can apply his knowledge to practical uses. Such as martial arts. Some might even equate him to being a broker of information.

Unparalleled Marksmanship | Finesse: His skill with guns is nearly legendary in it's own right. He is nearly a saint with a gun, being able to pull off crazy shots due to his immense knowledge of trajectory and gun specifications. This has bled over to his very own act of creating weapons for his own personal use. His Marksmanship alone was how he was able to avoid the police for so long after the fallout. He isn't someone whom you'd wish to battle unless you happened to be close to them. Even still though, he knows basic combat training from his father so that might not be a good idea either.

Con Artist: He is a expert liar, able to hide his true intentions from people around him due to his outstanding poker-face. He can not however tell if people are lying any better than other people, he simply knows that most people if not all people can not tell if he is lying even if it is something that is completely and without a doubt is a lie. This is due to the fact that a skilled liar can make others believe them depending on how seriously they believe in their own lie and how valiently they stand by it. Unless evidence is provided, it is nearly impossible to tell if they are in fact lying.
Blood Type: B
Ambitions/Dreams: Besides one day starting a family of his own, he wants there to be a day in which the land of Japan can be reestablished to it's former glory.
Quote: "I am all Sin's bundled, I am the One Prince of Hell."

Work in Progress Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox

History: As the son of Charlie, he is obviously shown to be a person whom finds a blurred sense of morality. But for the most part his childhood was good, and Charlie was a good father up until he was called to go work in the Deadman Wonderland. He had lived a normal life not really ever showing any signs of violence. He was in the upper tier of his mentally superior clique that he happened to run with in the schools that he attended. His forte for knowledge and his passion to succeeded were limitless and he would excel at all activities that his parents told him to excel at. It was however the fault of his craving for knowledge that lead to his eventual dislike of people in general. Luckily for him however, he was able to be noticed for his ability to read people like an open book. Because of this a very old an fat man named Ringwald would take him on as a intern for his firm. Which happened to specialize in creating famous pop stars and the like that would go on to tour the entire world. This firm was known as Muse Hyper Studios.

Theme Song: King of Amarillo - Issues
RP Sample: (Optional)
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