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PostSubject: Fuyumi, Mei   Fuyumi, Mei I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 11:16 pm

Fuyumi, Mei 2zqbigk

Fuyumi, Mei Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Fuyumi, Mei.
Nickname: MiMi & Crazy Woman.
Age: Twenty-One.
Event Name: Lunatic.
Classification: Deadwoman.

Angel ;; Her surface personality is someone who has all their marbles and is a very nice young woman. Always having a smile on her face and tries to help certain prisoners that are having a hard time. Towards the younger poor sods, she appears as a motherly figure who would give up anything in order to make sure that they remain happy and more importantly; safe. When it comes to those that have been around longer, or older than herself by more than five years at least, shows great respect and tries to act as much as a lady as she can, though it usually ends up with her snapping at them and using large amounts of sarcasm with them, which leads her to be in trouble with them. But in her own words, it makes her feel 'Free'. Mei's Angelic personality urges herself to not witness any type of violence or bloodshed after coming to the prison, rather not wanting to unleash her Daemonic personality.

Daemon ;; Now comes down to the more true personality of Mei, this is usually called her Lunatic personality. From a young age, she was always hearing voices, which caused her to become crazy, violent, and all out dark and lusting for any type of excitement that included fighting. Like this personality, it's brought out by someone egging her on, or by important clicks in her brain. Mei is considered a crazy woman who lashes out at anyone, may it be with a weapon or her own words. This is when her amusement takes a more darker trail, as she is sadistic and would gladly take out any plans that she can think of with glee. When seeing blood, Mei becomes extremely happy, and actually plays in the pools of blood. However, this personality is suppressed by unknown means, probably by keeping her from seeing any type of violence or blood for an extended period of time; of which sometimes her 'Angel' personality urges herself not to witness.

Humane ;; This is considered Mei's neutral personality of which it is between both her Angelic and Daemonic personality. While it seems easy to achieve, it isn't. Mei must be exposed to both violence and kept under control. Her Humane personality is more logical and she'd rather point out facts rather than relying on word of mouth or things that other people claim to know. Her kindness is both leveled with her aggressiveness [which is mostly towards those trying to steal her food]. Mei appears to be a clam person and is easy to speak to without getting babied or possibly missing a limb or two. This is when she's truly able to perhaps show some type of romantic feelings towards people, but yet it's highly doubtful because it is hard to expose her to both good and bad events in order to achieve her Humane personality.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes | | Stories , Night [Stars&Moon] , Fire , Blood , Food , Sleep.
Dislikes | | Prison , Pills&Needles , Sunny Days , Sour Foods , Blood on Snow or pure objects , Religion.
Quirks: Mei has three unique personalities, brought on by different events // Crazy Sadistic woman who sticks her nose in places it doesn't belong.

Fuyumi, Mei Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Appearance: Five foot, four inches and a hundred twenty pounds of pure crazy likes to walk around with either a happy aura, or a sadistic one. Mei has flawless white skin, but it is dusted with white lines running up and sideways all over her body, otherwise she seems to be a normal young woman running around. Her hair is rather long and seems to be taken care of rather nicely, being that of golden blond that goes past her ass. Mei's eyes are roughly a blueish purple hue, something unique and adds to he craziness. When being sadistic and dark, her eyes become a more purple red, being more dark than usual. She wears a unique style of dress, being a mix of a tank top slash corset. Most of it is black with white lines that run up the sides and shows where it was put together, while the breast area is a bit blue with a frilly lining, with clips that hold it in place that connects to the back. Mei is able to unclip it so that it stays a strapless top. Her arms are covered with sleeves that hide any type of scaring or possible burned, where she has white cloth tied around her wrists, as if she had been restrained at one point. Around her neck is the collar that everyone carries, naturally. Mei wears normal blue jeans with a couple of rips with black laced boots, a belt is around her waist, it is usually undone or sometimes tight to her waist to hug her hips, depends on how she feels in any personality.

There are somethings that are a mystery, and then there are things that aren't a mystery. One thing could be how Mei decides to wear a strange ... uniform at times. Usually prancing around it whenever she is in one of her more violent moods. She wears a long red dress that cuts around the knees, but yet continues to hit the floor in the back. On top of the red dress is a lacy black floral design. The top half of the dress is exactly like her usual top, being that of a red corset with black 'ribbon' like material that holds it against her body. She can wear a black elbow length top coat, but rarely does. She wears fishnet stockings with black and red high boots. Sometimes she's wearing a top hat with a red ribbon around it, but usually it's flying some where along the wind. Costume Image Idea.
Height: Five Foot, Four Inches.
Weight: Hundred Twenty Pounds.
Special Characteristics: White lines of scaring, on her back, on her right shoulder is a irritated red mark of a stabbing scar.

Fuyumi, Mei Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Abilities/Skills: Flexibility ;; Sexual or not, Mei is able to bend in ways that not a lot of people thought was possible. She usually puts this into her fighting style, evading anyone's attacks, or at least she tries to.

Marksmanship ;; Back when she was allowed to use a gun, Mei was a pretty good sharp shooter, and would use it to get rid of those that irritated her, usually using the night or shadows to cover herself. Now she simply flicks things around, still practicing her aiming abilities.
Blood Type: -O.
Ambitions/Dreams: Be free and control her split personalities.
Quote: Angelic ;; "Stay down and smile, and you'll see me tomorrow."
Humane ;; "Don't believe the smile, it'll always be false . "
Daemonic ;; "One, two, three.~ Let's play a game !"

Fuyumi, Mei Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox

History: Mei grew up with only her mother, her father was said to be off on a 'meeting trip' some where in Europe. Though, it was never true, none of it was. But what was a child to know that? They were innocent, pure and the kindest type of person in the world. Mei grew up with her mother, who she barely saw and was usually left with the apartment neighbors right next door. They were her family, not her mother, not the woman she saw once every three days in one week.

Mei's childhood was usually a calming thing, she would be good in school, she'd behave and make a couple of friends. But that's when it started, her crazy personality. It all started when she was witnessing people picking on one of the 'nerdy' kids. Something in Mei's head clicked, and it wasn't anything good. She remembered one night when her mother came by with a strange man, and later woke up to hearing screaming and the sound of something breaking. That's what happened that day, Mei's rage blinded her and this lead her to beat on the leader of the bullies, of which struck fear into the children. The principal questioned Mei, and then sent her to the school's therapist for three weeks, it seemed to work as she was a perfect angel later.

It had to be near her late teen years that she finally snapped and everything went to hell for her. Mei lost it when her mother brought over the same abusive 'boyfriend' for the past three months, and awoke to hearing one of the drawers open. Now, living in her mother's apartment since she was ten allows you to get accustomed to knowing what sounds belongs to what. And Mei knew that's where the good knives were being kept. Mei was witnessing from her bedroom that he was threatening to kill her crying mother, snapping - Mei's mind went blind and her world went red.

This was the birth of the daemonic personality, it split apart from what is now known as the 'humane' personality. Full of happiness and glee, this darker part of Mei's personality outwardly slaughtered her mother's boyfriend, chopping him up into different pieces and happily separated them, supposedly warping them up and preparing to send them off as gifts. However, people next door heard all the screaming and yelling that they called the police on the Fuyumi residence. Due to the daemonic personality already knowing certain ways of life by observing silently, Mei's daemonic personality took control and escaped the complex with ease, beginning to track down all those that looked at her wrongly, bullied her or those that were left defenseless. Seeing their blood, and basically bathing in it caused Mei to officially go into a 'coma' of sorts, where the daemonic personality rules for months on end, without giving in any control.

All that she remembered was walking up, it seemed to actually be months later when she realized what happened. Her mother's boyfriend lied dead in his own pool of blood, and that it seemed most of it was smeared all over her night clothes that she had been wearing for probably months. Mei had woken in the old abandoned house that no one seemed to own, or at least take care of. Mei's mind was blame, and she did not understand what had happened. But her mother did managed to get a hold of Mei, and explained everything to her daughter, about how she had gone on a blood killing spree, starting with her boyfriend and then went on to those that had pissed her off since childhood.

Mei was lost for what seemed to be ages until she turned twenty, when she found herself in a field with a couple of bodies murdered. Police managed to catch up with her and arrested her, but not without a couple being killed in the event. They had put her through therapy, of which Mei remembers none of, The therapist cleared that she had a split personality disorder, and that she would be need kept under watch and given certain medication. They learned that it was the violence that proved her to have a horrible reaction, thus they kept her in calm places, causing her to obtain a third split personality.

Because she was still considered to be a risk to society and herself, they sent her to Deadman Wonderland, mostly because they would be able to handle her personality disorder better than other prisons. It's been roughly over a year and a half that she had been arrested, and half a year since she's been at Wonderland. Mei wishes to be free, and to control her personalities, but at what cost?

Theme Song: Sparks are Flying.
RP Sample: All she could remember was the snow that was falling from the sky, and how everything was freezing and her body was becoming more and more numb. Mei had awoken her horror movie personality without even realizing it. The snow wasn't coming down fast enough to shield her from what she had done. Instead, Mei found herself staring at blood splattered snow that was all around her. There had to be at least five bodies littered all over the snow dusted ground, one was even lodged into the near by tree. Blood was covering her body, her snow white dress...

W-what am I? The thought cleared through her mind, causing her to become even more disturbed and even fearful of herself. She hadn't realized people sneaking up behind her, nor did she witness the barrels of guns being aimed for her body, until she felt one against her head. The sound of the safety clicked in her mind, and that's when she felt her body become tense and rigged. The last moments of sanity was the fear in the officer's eyes when he realized something, and so did everyone else. It was announced on TV that the Lunatic killer had been caught and was being sent to a certain unnamed prison.

That's where Mei found herself, being locked up in a cell, her eyes were full of crazy but yet they were blue once more. Her clothes were switched out, but her skin was still stained a crimson red. All that Mei knew, was that she had been caught, and that she was stuck here.

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyumi, Mei   Fuyumi, Mei I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 12:35 am

Impressive for your first application, or so I am told it is, anyway this is borderline Deadman requirement and I will approve you as a prisoner as you requested BUT if you want to edit it and change it to meet the oh-so-close Deadman, Forgery or Officer requirements just let me know and i'll unlock this for you as it is so close. Just be sure to alert me before you actually begin to rp. Welcome to the site and I approve thee.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyumi, Mei   Fuyumi, Mei I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 6:29 pm

Update: Unlocking and removing from Approved section for app alterations.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyumi, Mei   Fuyumi, Mei I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 7:58 pm

You spoke true in the chat, so i'll pass you onto the BoS registration area. As a warning you have a 25% chance of being the first chosen in the Carnival Corpse match up. Re-Approved with changes.
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Fuyumi, Mei
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