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PostSubject: Zilo's Bos   Zilo's Bos I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 6:43 pm

Name: Exorcist Awakening.
User: Zilo
2/6 and 3/6:

Range: Personal body effects, so i would say it's inner body?
Blood Loss: The blood loss is due to him increasing his muscle due to the damage he takes, so the more blood he loses the stronger he grows, He has the personal opinion of opening a stage in which to use the strength, or saving it so he doesn't drop too fast.

1/6: One sixth of his blood loss, is just a bodybuilder and weight lifter equivalent with the speed of a track runner. This form gives him a over the average Strength speed and defense. It's his weakest form and allows him to be stronger then what a average prisoner or human would even be. Can be used without bleeding, takes the spare of blood and pumps it into the muscles.

(Can be used for 12 post without tiring and going to the next pint.)

2/6: Two six's is the form in which he grows beyond that of a human capability. In this form Zilo is able to pick up a car and throw it with enough effort to send it flying, His speed and defense are greatly increased making him seem like he was a demon or a an archangel of a sorts.

(Can be used for 9 post without tiring in less damaged enough to be forced to the next form)

3/6: In this form, Zilos status increase is greater once again, but the physical strength is increased so much, that throwing a car is like a baseball, it's so light to him. His punches would feel worse than a wrecking ball if it hit you, and his speed is just out there, it's almost inhumanly possible to move this fast, but with the forgery ability within him the defense and speed are increased so far, that any human would only see a blur of movement.

(6 post unless damaged enough to take it up to another form)

4/6: This form is called the exorcist form, and is the most exhausting and outright insane form Zilo has. In this form his muscles grow beyond that of most physical limits without burstin, he grows a foot in height making him seven foot five and gains a hundred pounds to even out the muscle and his looks, to keep him looking the same as his previous appearance but just a bigger version. His speed and strength are godly. This form is a double dagger, even though he may be too fast for the human eye to see clearly at all, it takes a great toll on him and must be finished quickly while in this form.

(Must be ended before 4 posts, or will go into 5/6)

5/6: As the picture suggests above, this form makes Zilo completely and utterly useless, he can't move but barely, his vision is so messed up it's hard to even concentrate, as while his strength and speed are greatly diminished it's basically like taking candy from a baby at this form.

History: This ability has been with Zilo since he was a little kid, more or less since he was five months old. His father the chief, had been trying the serum on full grown adults, but each time he injected one they ended up dying from overgrow, and eventually having their stomach pop open and kill those around them. They came to a conclusion if they injected it into something that had the capability to continue growing that it would be able to take the serum, from the deadman.

So the chief used his only son, to take the syrum since he was the only one around at the time still able to grow. Because of this Zilo was injected without hesitation on the chiefs orders, at first it had put him in critical state, for about three months or more. But suddenly it seemed that as if he had stabalized and was accepting the enhancement. Though the serum was last used on Zilo it is able for his father to take his cells, and inject them into himself, to reverse a few years of his age, possibly a 5 year reverse for every pint of blood he takes from Zilo.
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PostSubject: Re: Zilo's Bos   Zilo's Bos I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 6:54 pm

Alright, provided that you transfer forms in the ways that you do and with the limits applied to each level of form this is not bad, I can't argue with progression of power and I can't argue with the time limits imposed so, accepted.
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