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 Mr. Bobo the clown

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Mr. Bobo
Mr. Bobo

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PostSubject: Mr. Bobo the clown   Mr. Bobo the clown I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 2:41 am

[img][IMG HERE][/img]

Mr. Bobo the clown Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Bobo, Mr.
Nickname: Mr. Bobo
Event Name: Crazed Clown
Classification: Deadman
Personality: Mr. Bobo is very crazy. He loves to fight and kill. Mr. Bobo enjoys when he can get into a fight for how ever long he can for any reason. Mr. Bobo likes to try and start fights with people out of the blue for any reason. Mr. Bobo also has a unusual thing about him. He enjoys to eat people. He believes that by eating someonethat he can gain there power even though he wont. He also eats them to try and get the candy that they had eaten. When Mr. Bobo is hanging out with someone and DOESN'T want to fight, He will normally have the biggest smile on his face and talk to them normally. He Will joke around in a strange sense of humor. Such as Dead Baby jokes. Or jokes about the person he is talking to. He hates the Scar ground for one fact. If they win, NO MORE CARNIVAL CORPSE!!!! Mr. Bobo would never let that happen as long as he is alive. He loves Carnival Corpse. He would do anything to fight every day. To get Candy. He doesn't care what he has to do. He wants to live for one purpose. Carnival Corpse. Mr. Bobo would do anything to stay in that and do any games that the people had for him in store. Just for the blood and gore. He didn't care who or what he was going to go up agains. Just as long as he could get in the fight with them. If Mr. Bobo actually likes someone, He would love to fight them as much as he can. Mr. Bobo would not want them to die after the first hit. He wants to savor every fight with them and would want to wait to give the final blow after he is also on his last few steps for his loss. To see who would finally win between the two at all out. When Mr. Bobo is alone, he will find a place to watch what everyone is doing to get a good look at who he is going to fight and anyone he could fight at the moment. Mr. bobo likes to take his time when killing someone. Killing them slowly to watching there final moments of life and the fear in there eyes. He enjoys to watch other fights and would hope that he could just join the fight at any moment. He likes to walk around and laugh randomly by thinking of random jokes. He enjoys likes to watch people get in arguments. To fight. To kill. He loves it all. Mr. bobo laughs at the blood and gore. Even at his own he would laugh at. He would do whatever it takes to make fights last as long as possible. He wants to enjoy everything he can. All the pain. The sorrow. The fear. The laughs. Everthing that he loves so much about a fight is what gets him on a roll. To kill more. He loves it all. Mr. Bobo enjoys it when someone can beat him. Because then he can get back up and slice them open the next time they fight and Mr. Bobo would have more of a reason to do so. He would do anything to actually STAY in Deadman Wonderland. He loves it so much. It's the only thing that he doesn't want gone. It gives him purpose. The purpose to kill. To rip the flesh off of his other prisoners. He loves the sounds of screaming. The sounds of fear. He enjoys it so much. Mr. Bobo hates peace. It's so, boring. It means nothing to him. He would go crazy if there was peace around. He would do anything to keep it as crazy as possible. Burn down homes, cut open guards. Whatever it takes to keep the blood flow going. He will do it. He does not like to take sides with anyone though. He would only take the side AGAINST the Scars because of how they want to end this lovely place for Mr. Bobo. He Would fight for whatever it takes to keep this place up and running. The only person he likes and would never kill is the Warden for keeping this place on how it is. His second favorite show would be of course the too bad for the loser show. For the fact it is more pain and suffering for the people who lost. He loves it so much. To see people getting the body parts removes form them and to hear the screaming.
Likes, Eating people, fighting, killing,
Dislikes, not fighting, peace, being hungry
Quirks: He's a Clown

Mr. Bobo the clown Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Appearance:Mr. Bobo is an average sized man. He has a black hat over his head and orange hair comming out of the sides of it. As the hair goes longer, the hair gets brighter. He has a scar going all around his face and over his eyes. He does not have lips for the fact that he lost them from Too bad for the loser. However, he likes it do to the fact that he is now always smiling. His teeth are not as healthy as most. They are yellow and stained with blood. His eyes are yellow and colored red. His face has white face paint like a clown and blood stain from his scars on his face. He has a blue collar of a clown suit covering the little toy around his neck. By toy of course is the other collar around his neck that will kill him sooner or later. He has on a torn up clown suit. The clown suit is covered in his blood and the blood of his opponents. The man has muscle around him. The clown suit shows part of his body. At the top of the clown suit under the blue collar is a bow tie. Moving down it has buttons on it keep the suit in tact but it had it stitched together and parts of his suit have stitches all around it. Some holes still show through One of the sleeves in his suit is gone and that is on his left sleeve. that arm is covered in blood and white paint. On the other hand the suit is covered in blood. The suit's normal color was black and some dark yellow. His hands are white and at the nails they are yellow and stained in blood. His finger nails are grown out to be about an inch away from the tips of his fingers and sharpened to look like spikes. His sleeve is ripped up at the end so he can get through his sleeves and cut his arms to get the blood out as much as he can. His pants are kinda baggy and also have some blood on it. At the ends of his pants are ripped up so his legs can show and also to be cut for the blood to come out and show. His shoes are normal shoes that are black and shined. The only thing on him that is perfectly clean. He likes to keep his shoes clean regularly. Mr. bobo has scars all over the front of his body from times he has been cut and times he cut himself for blood. On his back it is perfectly unscratched so that way he can show that he is not one to turn his back and run from a fight. He has a scar running all the way from his upper right shoulder down to the left side of his hip from a deadman's blood powers getting him off guard. He has a scar around his arms from the times he has cut himself for the blood along with his gums of his mouth. He has them on the tips of his fingers from where he has his blood leave along with his wrists. Bitches be tripping you know what I'm saying dog?
Special Characteristics:No lips and scars all around his body

Mr. Bobo the clown Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Abilities/Skills:Branch of Sin
Un-Natural Speed: The ability of Mr. Bobo's training to move at speeds that are usually inaccessible to humans. Usually meaning that through intense training and dedication one could gain this level of speed, but nevertheless it is a feat and accomplishment to have reached this level.
Un-Natural Strength: The ability of Mr. Bobo's that is most cherished to him aside from his Branch of Sin. This inherent trait that is considered to be his best talent for muscular discharge, or strength throughout the entire body that is above average to such a degree that, just like with his speed, it would take years of dedicated strength enhancement training and practice to even out at this level.
Blood Type:AB
Ambitions/Dreams:Kill everyone
Quote:Everyone should always smile.

Mr. Bobo the clown Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox

History: As a young boy, Mr. Bobo was brought into a family of drugs and liquor. He was a drunk baby half the time. Always getting into fights with his class and parents. Now by fights he doesn't mean like yelling. Mr. Bobo means by punching and cutting. Mr. Bobo was always getting kicked out of school and always attacking people on the streets. He was told to always give a smile though. Mr. Bobo would always smile for his fellow classmates and teacher. He was always alone though. No one to talk to. No one to hang out with. To call... Friend. Ahh but who gives a fuck right?! Mr. Bobo didn't have time for 'friends' He had to protect himself. Even at his young age of six, Mr. Bobo only looked out for himself and faught against everyone who was in his way. He laughed every time he would fight someone. No matter how beaten up he got himself or the other person. He laughed without any way to control himself for it.
As Mr. Bobo got older, He found that he was not needed for parents. But that didn't mean that he was going to move out. So, at the age of ten, Mr. Bobo slit his parents throats and hid the bodies so one one could ever find them. Mr. Bobo was happy that way. No one to bother him. No one to tell him what to do. He left school because he didn't see any need for it any more. He would teach himself everything that was needed. One day, Mr. Bobo was enjoying a night on the twon. Walking around seeing people get robbed and people fighting. He walked past an alley way and saw a man getting jumpped by four other guys. One of them looked back. "The fuck are you looking at?!" He screamed. They all turned to face Mr. bobo. "Oh nothing. Just the beauty of the city." He laugh. "You mocking us Punk?!" They charged him. Mr. Bobo spoke right under his breath. "Right on cue boys." And withouth a moments notice, Mr. Bobo had slit one of the guys throats and stabbed the other in the heart. Laughing at it all. One of them grabbed him and the other started punching him in the gut. "How do you feel about it?!" Mr. Bobo could not speak. For the laughter was just too much for him. The man stopped and looked at him. Finally the laughing stopped for a second and Mr. Bobo could speak. "Don't get your attention off. Even... for... One." And with that, The man had a knife in his arm to let go of Mr. Bobo. He then slit the mans throat and grabbed the other man. He could feel him gasping for air as Mr. Bobo's smile was the last thing he could see before death. "Second." Mr. Bobo finished and walked away. Laughing more.

At the age of 12, Mr. Bobo was about to get a present from the gods to him. An earthquake shoot the whole tokyo city and it sank. Mr. Bobo laughed as he heard about it. Then he wanted to take a walk as he fount a man. Wanting to rob Mr. Bobo. He Cut open Mr. Bobo's hand. The blood leaving his hand as Mr. Bobo smiled and knocked the blade out of the mans hand and started fighting him. Then, Mr. Bobo grabbed the man by the throat and he died. He felt something stabbing into the mans neck. Mr. Bobo let go and could see. His blood was looking like a spike. He watched it and then three cops showed up. Seeing the crime. "GET ON YOUR KNEES!" He said to the clown. Wanting to arrest him. Mr. Bobo turned around. Cutting the tips of his fingers and making small spikes through his fingers. Screaming back. "I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER LAST NIGHT!" And charged them all. He would move out of gun fire and stab into all of the cops. Killing them. Mr. Bobo looked at the blood on his hands and smiled as he licked it off of his hands.

After some time, Mr. Bobo had heard about something. Deadman Wonderland. He smiled big and charged to it. Finding cops. "TAKE ME NOW COPS!" He said. A few days later, Mr. Bobo was in court. At the end of the trial they would take him to Deadman Wonderland. He smiled big as the collar was put on him. He met the person who owned the prison. Mr. Bobo shook his hand. "Thank you so much for making this place. Now I have a place where I can do whatever I want." He laughed and charged down the hall way. He Grabbed peoples candy and would keep it on him so that way he can always have some. But sooner or later, He'll be down to his last piece. He would use this new blood skill of his and start killing some of the other prisoners. Then one day he was in a lab of some kind with the man who made the prison. They talked about something called, Carnival Corpse. Mr. Bobo was so happy to hear about it. He started to fight and train every day for the events.

Mr. Bobo was winning a lot of his fights. But then came the day, He lost. It was his time to be on Too Bad for the Loser. He smiled in the chair watching to see what was gonna be taken out of him. His lips. The started removing his lips and all Mr. Bobo could do was laugh. After it was done, He looked in the mirror. Seeing that he looks like he is smiling. "Thank you for everything you did Doc. I love it!" He said laughing as he was ready for the next fight for Carnival corpse. He would fight and kill and train. He was so happy to be part of the Carnival Corpse. He would go on other events. He loved the whole place. Everything about it was amazing to him. Nothing about Deadman Wonderland he didn't like. The blood. The guts. Everything.
He heard about a group though. Scar or some shit. He heard that they wanted to free the Deadmen. To get them all out of this place. He hated that thought. The idea of this place being gone would angry Mr. Bobo to no end. He couldn't and wouldn't let that happen. He would die first before ever lettting this home of his go away. He hated all of them. The only people to ever put a frown on the clown. Mr. Bobowould kill all of them. Every last one of them. He wanted them dead. But he sure did hate the rest of the people in there. He didn't like any of them. But he hated Scar most.
Years past. Mr. Bobo was now a full grown adult in this prison. Fighting and never wanting to leave. He wanted to only die in this place. He thought of this place as home to him. Mr. Bobo didn't even know how he lived when he wasn't here. It was just crazy. He had no idea how anything worked on the outside any more. All he knew was Deadman Wonderland and Carnival Corps. Mr. Bobo would do anything to keep this place fun for him. He even would spend his own cast points on making the place better. For new equipment and repairs. To make sure this place was in tip top shape for his next fight. He would sit in his room most of the time. That smile still on his face as always. He would laugh softly to himself. Thinking of all the deaths. Everyone who died from his hands. The deaths were not enough. He must keep killing. And kill more. That was all that was on this clowns mind. Kiling anyone who he was against. But he has been leaving them alive lately. He was told to for the fact that Too bad for the loser needed people in it. He would let them live and watch the pain and suffering on the tv. Seeing everyone screaming in pain. It was just the best feeling in the world to our clown friend.
Mr. Bobo now a days walks around the prison. Watching everyone. Playing in events and always Carnival Corpse. He would fight everyone around him and get ready for the next fight. Mr. Bobo always had his smile. He would always tell people that they needed to smile more too. And that they needed to laugh at everything. That is what would make this world better for everyone. But people avoided him most of the time. He laughed about that. The fact that everyone wanted to avoid him and not want to talk. It was better that way for him anyways. Because that way he could watch from a distance and they won't know what he can do. And he could kill everyone with out a second notice. He laughed every day and was happy. This place was his home. Forever it would be and he would do anything to protect it. And keep it safe. From whoever tried to bring this place down, Mr. Bobo would stand in the way and would gladly give his life. Just for the safety of this heaven of his.

Theme Song:This is war. Sick puppies
RP Sample: (Optional)
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Bobo the clown   Mr. Bobo the clown I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 9:10 pm

Very well, Deadman 4 approved.

Additionally, and completely overshadowing the significance of this app, Carnival Corpse is now open for battle 1.
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Mr. Bobo the clown
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