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Anima Cremisi

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PostSubject: Crimson Soul   Crimson Soul I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 9:23 pm


Crimson Soul Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: "Cremisi, Anima"

-Nickname "Red" is a nickname it doesn't mind going by. You'd have get to know it before it'd tell you this, though. And that's not recommended. Attempting to make a nickname for it by using a shorter version of its name (Ani, Crem, whatever else you can think of) repeatedly will end with strangulation.

Event Name: "Joker"

Age: 24 years of age.

Classification: Incarcerated Soul


Likes/Dislikes: The slaughter, the cattle's struggles, the blood, the cold and empty darkness of its cell. / The weak-willed, the Deadmen, kittens or animals in general (especially if cute and cuddily), apple pie or sweets in general, ZA WARUDO!

Quirks: Try to find it not smiling. No seriously, unless it's talking, it always has some trace of a smile ... and its teeth seem a bit sharp.

Crimson Soul Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Height: 182 cm (5' 11.6")

Weight: 68 kg (149.9 lbs)

Special Characteristics: Nothing quite out of the ordinary, discounting the golden-esque hair, the red eyes and the fact that he seems to have serrated teeth. Or not. Who knows? The chompers ARE rather white and gleaming, so don't expect much smiles.

Crimson Soul Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Enhanced Physical Prime - Although it's body is not a hulking mass, it has been developed and honed to near its peak, along with some modifications. As such, its physical performance exceeds that of an average person's.

  • Abnormal Agility - Its overall speed is high, but cannot be maintained. Instead, it combines this with reflexive action for sudden, rapid movements, usually to avoid hits, change targets or strike swiftly. Most opponents can be taken aback if they haven't fought it before, given how quickly it can react and will react to their attacks.
  • Abnormal Pain Tolerance - Most people recoil when injured, most people find it unpleasant. Unless the attack is something that would be seriously damaging and it KNOWS that, don't expect it to dodge. Or flinch. Or stop when trying to harm you.
  • Abnormal Stamina - Attempting to wear it out is not recommended, as it's more than capable of physically outlasting someone else. Exhaustion is rare to emerge, but when it does it requires just a bit of rest to be rid of.
  • Abnormal Strength - While not capable of superhuman feats that will boggle the mind, it's quite physically powerful enough to kill the average human being with relative ease (depending on the execution) and a direct hit from its blows will be quite painful.

Hand to Hand Combatant - No martial arts expert, but many of the fights it's been in involved fighting unarmed. And considering the odds weren't in its favor, it became a brutal hand-to-hand fighter that's not above using any method to beat the opponent down.

Adept Weapon User - Although it's fought primarily unarmed, that doesn't mean it can't use other weapons without trouble. It'll be lacking in finesse, but the weapon in question will be used for its appropriate purpose.

Perceptive - Even minutia can be picked up, which is peculiar given it is a madman. Or perhaps, since it constantly goes around wearing masks, it's an acquired skill from having to monitor its own behavior (which is now second hand to it)

Deceitful - Although one can be off-put or disturbed by its presence, most people generally label it as harmless due to the external personality it displays. There are times when the mask crack, but all in all, it stays pretty tightly molded on.

Blood Type: AB+

Ambitions/Dreams: The collapse of the Wonderland/To die at the end of an excellent fight.

Quote: "Buh-byeeeeeeeeeee!" *stabbity, stabbity, stab-stab-stab*

Crimson Soul Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox



If you're expecting an explanation of the subject, I recommend you don't even bother. He It may be walking free now, under the supervision of the Chief himself as one of his primary punishers. But, even when he it was stuck in solitary confinement and I was his its therapist, I never could understand just WHAT went through that guy's mind. ... . Sorry, "it"'s mind. I want your record-keeper to strike out any instance I call him it "he" and replace it with "it", please. But, as I was saying, that guy is an enigma. Sure, we can all tell he's it's got problems, but how to fix them or what they are? No luck there.

He It sure as hell has one messed up history, as far as we can tell. Y'know, the usual stuff that would cause kids to go nutty. Deceased parent, parental abandonment, abuse from guardians, isolation and discrimination for his its looks. He's It's never talked about it, and there's no one else I can ask for more details. It's just one long chain of humiliation from all I can tell, and it certainly did a number on him it. It ..., I mean it. But that's the strangest thing, he it wasn't as psycho when he it first got here compared to how he it is now. Definitely wasn't stable, but at least he it kept to himself itself at first.


Funny guy. Been here since the place opened up, and has managed to stay alive since then. Based off all the records, he it was this quiet fellow who seemed to have trouble communicating or even socializing with anyone. No, it just scrounged for work for Cast the best it could. Never stuck its neck out, and just obeyed the rules and pecking orders. Sure got some attention due to his its looks, but nothing serious came out of that. You'd think a guy like that probably got in here by mistake, eh? Nope, he it deserved some jail-time, but as to whether he it should have been here? Well, let's go over its crime.

Don't know how much all of this is true. Ah, hell. I don't want to discuss it in detail. Let's just say we have ten corpses, seven of which are brutally mutilated. We've no idea if it was directly responsible for all of those deaths. All the courts had to work with was the testimony of one fairly dimwitted lady and reports on its violent tendencies. For a guy who made so little trouble here, what he it did, if he it did it, to get here was pretty gruesome. I mean, they didn't identify the bodies as human corpses at first, and had more trouble figuring out how many people were dead.


So yeah, only reason why he it's here is 'cause he it admitted to it. Surprised they didn't just kill him it, or maybe someone was pulling strings to send him it here. After all, we make pretty decent money broadcasting the Dog Races and the other games, and we'd need every prisoner we could get back then to start. But, something went wrong along the way. Yes, it didn't cause trouble, but being trapped in here wasn't helping it resolve its issues. I was being ambiguous earlier since there's no hard evidence then. But, now? With that thing? Plenty of proof, and none of it pretty. Goes to show this place'll drive you mad.

It wasn't noteworthy since it kept to itself. But then, after a few years here, it changed. Like something finally snapped. Whatever last thread keeping him it together split, and he it went berserk. Think he it was a B-block resident at the time, when it broke. Lost a lot of prisoners who weren't expecting it to flip its shit and start slaughtering them. And it was strange, too. It didn't have any weapons that none of the other inmates could have bought with Cast, and it sure as hell wasn't subtle. But it still ended up gutting a large number of the inmates and seriously injured several guards who tried to detain him it.

Non sequitur

One year ago, the Chief decided, maybe on a whim or without reading the paperwork, signed his approval for expansion of the Undertakers. At the time, prisoners kept in Block F were dangerous individuals who were efficient killers. And naturally, our little 'friend' was kept in an isolated cell in Block F after its slaughter. I was asked to evaluate him it as a candidate, and we sat down and had a nice talk. Y'know, a talk in which he it somehow came loose from his its restraints and managed to strangle the guard that was supposed to make sure I was safe. But he it didn't kill me. No, he it wanted to ask stuff.

Things he it wanted to keep between us. Hrm ... ? Oh, no. He It doesn't care anymore, so I can talk about it. But, somehow, he'd it'd manage to hear about the Undertakers and how they were going to recruit out of the F Block, maybe he'd it'd asked a guard at the time or something. But he it wanted to know if I would recommend him it. I told him it I wasn't sure, but then the conversation went somewhere strange. ... It was like it couldn't keep its mind together, and it was rambling for a bit. Rambling about its past crimes, how it wanted out of the cell, how it wanted to kill, how the darkness comforted it ... .

It wasn't the first time we had a session, but that was the last. And I'll say, the previous ones were largely unproductive since it would barely say anything. Just clam up. This one though, it doesn't take much to know this was one hell of a nutcase whose time in isolation probably worsened it exponentially. But, then it gripped me and looked straight into my eyes with its ... ... its . . . I swear, it was like looking into the eyes of a
dead man. All the previous times he it spoke, even the rambling, was in his its usual powerful and authoritative tone. This? It was a whimper by comparison, and it begged me.

It begged me to recommend it. It knew it 'did wrong'. It 'doesn't want to go back.' And then repeating that it was sorry again and again like a broken record. I did in fact recommend it. I recommended it rehabilitate like the other prospective Undertakers. I told it this, so as to get it to let go. And I did it, because I never wanted to see it again. Ever. Imagine my surprise when I heard it managed to pull himself together and turn itself into a bona fide Undertaker! It visited me yesterday, you know? Told me thanks. That it owes me a favor, and it repays its debts.

They say it's changed, that it's trying to atone by serving with the Undertakers to maintain order and keep the other prisoners below in place. ... Hrm? Oh. Personally, I think it as a mistake for it to be inducted into the Undertakers. Giving someone that broken all that power? No, his personality's worse, at least he was stable if violent before the training. Now, he's erratic, kind of like the Chief, but less drunk. But, I really don't care. Getting too old for this shit. Need to retire, go someplac-

. . . Records Ends Here . . .

It rises from the chair, now finished with the reading. Really, that was how he had thought of it? Not that it surprised it in anyway. It could no longer care for others, and it did not expect others to care for it at all. After all, it got what it wanted and could do what it damn well pleased. Lack of empathy and surrendering its identity as a human being was a small price to pay in exchange for all the freedoms it now had in Deadman Wonderland. True, it was still a prisoner, so it needed the antidote every so often, but that was simply a trifle.

No, this was the life indeed. Its act was a bit shaky, but it had managed to work as it expected, thus opening the way to where it stands now. And it was glorious. Oh so glorious.
The crimson-eyed man whistles ever so cheerily, while making his way back home. The records were in Block C, and now he just easily strolled on his way back to Block F. No one stopped him. No one questioned him. No one bothered him.

No one. And that suited him just fine.

Before long, he's back in his cell, where he spends his time alone with the darkness everywhere. He opts to sit down and center himself in the middle of the cell as much as possible, and stare off to the wall with an absent minded grin.

"Home, sweet home."

And the guards outside swear, they can hear something. A faint voice. So faint, they can't tell if it's laughing ... or sobbing.

Theme Song: I AM HERE! CLICK ME!
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Battle Royale:
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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Soul   Crimson Soul I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 4:47 pm

I'm impressed even though I heard about the app through every stage of it. So having done the requirement and easily exceeding I bestow upon thee not only approval but this strange type of person that ye have created.
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Crimson Soul
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