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Zilo Uyeda Fin Create.php?text=Carnival%20Corpse&name=chancur The clown and the disguised Forgery fight! Zilo and Mr. Bobo face off in a Carnival Corpse match to see who can defeat one another! Who will win, the Crazed Clown, or the Exorcist? Click here
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The Chief, Charlie, sets up an event for all prisoners to participate in. Will you participate? Sign up here!
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The Bloody Swan, Manako, and the Exorcist, Zilo, engage in romance. Is it true or fake? Click here
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Zilo Uyeda Fin 22409

Zilo Uyeda Fin Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Uyeda, Zilo
Nickname: Zi-Zi
Event Name: Exorcist
Classification: Prisoner, Forger
Personality: Peaceful: Zilo is a peaceful prisoner or seems to be. He takes frequent breaks and believes that one should only result to violence if needed. Whenever Zilo enters a room there seems to be an aura of peace that floats around calming all but the insane around him. Or those that just plan out hate him. Though Zilo is Peaceful there is a limit to his patience just like any normal human, and that is something he doesn't express so often, or at least tries to express.

Defiant: You can be defiant and peaceful, Zilo and the head chief of the prison are constantly meeting and having arguments and Zilo being punished. But each time the Chief can never seem to break his spirit and his determination to do as he pleases. And it seems as if the head chief has taken a liking to Zilo because he doesn't kill him but keeps him around as a pawn and something to torture if he is bored.

Cunning: Zilo may not seem like much on the outside but a man with white and black hair, and some muscles. But that is exactly as he wants them to think. Because secretly he is organizing the current group of scar's to over throw his rival the chief. But there has been times when people have wondered who he really was but had either disappeared or where found dead the next day if they planned to blackmail him, and no one knows how they just die.

Resolute: Yes Zilo is a resolute meaning that he won't do anything brash or extremely out of line. He will think and plan anything and everything down to the smallest of details, but if some how it endangers the life of those he cares for then he discards it. Being resolute doesn't always mean being strong willed, and determined about something, but it also means your resilience to commands. Stating this, Zilo is one of those guys that doesn't really listen to the guards and eventually always gets an audience with the chief himself, and each time the two of them talk a little bit, getting to know a bit more about each other. Even with the beatings and torture from the chief he always keeps the Resolute way of being defiant and strong willed. Stating that an exorcist has to be of strong will and never falter from his course of action.

Gynephobia: Ever since he found out about his mother being raped and killed by the female prisoners, and then him being betrayed by the little girl he fell in love with this has affected zilos way of seeing females. Not only is he scared of them, but he is literally scared to death of them. Not only does he hate to be around one, they never can get close enough to him to even get a chance to say or wonder who he is because he tends to walk the other way. Now he isn't the type to avoid them completely when it comes to the prisoner gathering in the court yard or during lunch, but he seems intent on keeping his mouth shut around them, and not saying much at all to anyone around him, while there are females in the area, because h knows that a female can't be trusted even with the simplest of secrets. All they have caused him so far is pain and suffering, or killed the one person he wanted to know.

Pious: Zilo may not seem like it, but the tattoo on his chest is the mark of the dragon, which represents the way in which one will die a death of fighting. Zilo is very religious when it comes to fighting, and will start a fight out by asking. "Are you sure you're ready for this... Because this is the gate way to hell." Because of the way all prisoners are here for are murder, or some other crime done against another, but then you have your more innocent crime doers on the higher cell blocks. Here is another reason why Zilo is called the exorcist because of the fact, he has a cross with him always, and will put it in the dead's head once he is through with them, to mark that they have passed on, or their on their way to hell as some say. There have been a few that has awoken with a cross permanently imbedded in their heads, to remind them that their life is still, balancing in his hands.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Spicy food, Coffee, His cigarettes, his friends and allies, and taking on the head chief

DisLikes: Hates sweet foods, hates sour things. Dislikes the guards and people who treat his allies and friends like shit. And People who try his patience.

Quirks: No matter what the odds are against him, if he has to he will throw everyone he cares for into a room and lock it to where they can't get out and fight till dawn to protect them.

Zilo Uyeda Fin Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Appearance: Zilo is a a muscled up giant, standing at six foot three and two hundred and thirty pounds. He wears a red shirt most of the time and a white one. At times he can be seen with his glasses on, or wearing the blue jeans he had been cut up in and lived to tell the tale.

His hair cut is some what unnatural as it goes from a pure white snow color, to almost a pure black almost as if darkness. He has a small patch of hair on his chin, and he has a bit of a red eyes to him. When seen at a distance his eyes almost look as if a demon is staring at you. He shares his father sides of genes gaining the height and brown and black beard.

Height: Six foot three
Weight: 230 pounds
Special Characteristics: Has a tattoo on his chest that resembles a dragon mark meaning vitality.

Zilo Uyeda Fin Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Cruenteus daemon: The blood stained demon, is a form in which it takes the blood reserves from the body and forces them into the muscles. This can only be activated though, by the fact of being cut or hurt. The more damage a person takes the stronger he or she can get. This is a forger ability that Zilo was cursed with by the Chief of the prison.

1/6 of reserves: 25% Muscle and strength increase
2/6 of reserves: 50% Muscle and strength increase
3/6 of reserves: 75% Muscle and strength increase
4/6 of reserves: 100% muscle and strength increase
5/6 of reserves: Starts feeling faint, its the draw back of going 4/6 when in 4/6 of reserves he has to end it quickly.

Blood Type: 0-
Ambitions/Dreams: To free everyone from Deadman island, and either set them free, or get them a jail in which they won't be tested on.
Quote: "I see... Well there's not much else I can do.... So i guess it's time to step it up a gear."

Zilo Uyeda Fin Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox

History: Childhood

Zilo can’t really remember much of his childhood, because he really doesn’t have one. For the most part he has been raised and born in the prison because of his parents being here. Before he was even four months old, his mother had died, and he no clue who his father had been (it's the chief). His mother had died, because she was raped and then killed by the other girl members of the prison. Since they where separated by sex and in different cells, there wasn’t a way for a male to get in and kill her. But with being just a small little boy, it was perfect for the chief to try out the newest and only dose of a certain dead man formula that has killed plenty of others, considering it boosted their physical attributes and their muscles. But since Zilo was just a small kid he had the plan to think that possibly, it had to take affect while someone was growing. After a seventy two hour surgery to try and keep the baby alive as they injected him with the deadman virus.

About at the age of fourteen or so, he had been put into a special cell in which he was to be watched at all times. The chief knew that this little boy would be the key to his success, if he could create guards just like him, to keep people in check. But there was one thing he was forgetting, that he needed babies, and since there where hardly any woman in the prison that wouldn’t kill the baby if they had to take one by force. He had known that he would have to keep Zilo for himself as an ace in the hole. But this wasn’t necessarily the ideal that Zilo respected. Even the chief knew it was gonna be a living nightmare should the boy begin to see how the other prisoners were treated. But the funny thing is, the boy already knew, he would get out of his cell by bending the bars apart and back together when the guards were asleep. He saw how some of the prisoners were mutilated, or sometimes tortured because of what they did.

Zilo knew…he just knew that it was wrong. Sure he had grown up around it all hearing the screams and cries of prisoners begging for mercy that they wouldn’t do whatever they had done again. But then it was muffled out by the sounds or the several machines that buzzed and made noises that would even drive the sanest man insane. This is the childhood of Zilo Uyeda, the special boy, the one the chief calls.. The exorcist…

The reason in which the prison knows Zilo as the exorcist is the fact that he always did as he was told by the chief, he was their kill mutt, and that is how he gained his nickname…

Betrayal and Now

When Zilo was about 18, he had thought he knew every single little niche in this prison, everything that could be learned, since he wasn’t put with other prisoners now, he was constantly by the chiefs side, not allowed to be anywhere. But the funny thing is, he fell in love with one girl, and that one girl was assigned by the chief to be his waitress and maid during his stay at the prison. Little by little day after day, Zilo was falling for this girl, she had put up with the chief, had put up with Zilo since they were both little, she was the chefs daughter and had been around for a while like him. But to have her as a maid was something he couldn’t see, but instead fell in love. He had been a man of few words, but eventually he admitted to her that he loved her, and she had said the same words back.

That all changed when Zilo told her that he planned to get the prisoners out of the jail one day. The girl was scared at the thought and was thinking she would be condemned with him too if his scheming was found out. That is when the betrayal began, the girl hadn’t returned to Zilo in a few days, as Zilo didn’t return to her either. He had yet been released from the special prison cell in which held him confined. Every day he got feed in that cell, and every time he would be in there. One day he got served the Christmas dinner, at first it seemed all right and then it suddenly he started feeling as if his stomach was being torn out from him, and he couldn’t breathe.

Looking outside the room to see who served the dinner, he could see the girl that he loved, and suddenly saw the chief behind her, patting her on the back. And In her hand was a small bottle that was black that had the small words written on it that said toxic… He couldn’t read the rest of the bottle because suddenly everything was going black and fast. Knowing what was happening he knew what she had done to him… She had just tried to end his life, one way or another, and had exceeded in protecting herself, by disposing of the source.

But there was one flaw, the dead man’s experiment in him would keep him alive, even though the blood within him was poisoned the small cells that promoted his muscle growth and cell division began to kick into effect, Suddenly twenty four hours later he woke up coughing blood onto the floor and stuck outside of the prison, staying there on his knees, he began coughing up everything from inside him the black tar substance and blood. Looking back at the prison he knew he could run, but what would be the reason behind that, he needed to be inside with the others, that way he could prove to the world, what Dead mans wonderland really was, a place of torture and death…

He knew as soon as he entered he would be placed into a cell, and trialed and sentenced to confinement for treachery against the chief, and that is why he was here…The exorcist had unfinished business, and was ready for blood, and sweet revenge, this begins the tale of Zilo Uyeda, the unknown child…

Theme Song: Your gonna go far kid.
RP Sample: (Optional)

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You have the workings of the right stuff but you seem to have missed the word requirements part on personality and appearance. Never fear though because your history is good.
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