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 What's the difference?

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PostSubject: What's the difference?   What's the difference? I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2012 11:47 pm

There are two things I think people may ask about the title of this topic. So let's get this straight away.

What's the difference between Deadmen and Forgeries:

A Deadman is someone who naturally gained the ability to manipulate their own blood in a certain ability form through Branch of Sin. A Forgery is someone that has been experimented on inside of Deadman Wonderland and artificially given Branch of Sin.

A Deadman uses Branch of Sin that is physical and in weapon form. Such as a Deadman could fire a blast of blood or create a sword of blood to fight an enemy.
Example: Ganta could fire a blast of blood from his palm for damaging effects.

A Forgery uses a poison manipulation of blood that allows them to augment or change situations or things. This can be done in ways such as poisoning an enemy by touching him with blood or giving yourself increases of physical aspects. Example: The first Forgery used a snake of blood to bite a Deadman and inflict horrible diseases upon him despite the minimal physical damage ultimately causing his death.

What's the difference between an Officer and an Undertaker?:

Officers and Undertakers serve the same purpose as far as their main objective is to serve The Chief of Deadman Wonderland. However the way they do this is much different and their abilities are far from the same as one another.

An Officer is someone who has taken to guarding the entire prison with a unique specialty or item. Officers are considered to be higher ranked than Undertakers and are directly their superiors inside of Deadman Wonderland. An example of an Officer would be someone who has trained for years in combat situations around the world and has been assigned at Deadman Wonderland thus has extensive tactical, intellectual, combat, and arms training.

An Undertaker is a soldier of Deadman Wonderland itself. Serving mostly ONLY to contain the Deadmen inside of the Super Prison. These Undertakers have access to Worm Eater weapons which Officers do not. The Worm Eater deactivates the Branch of Sin upon contact with the blood rendering it...useless.

Making an Officer: An officer begins with a special set of skills that are enhanced compared to a normal human. Extra strength, speed, endurance are just a part of this and most Officers would have multiple, within reason, due to high levels of training and natural talent. HOWEVER officer's cannot have a customized worm eater and cannot begin with a worm eater weapon.

Making an Undertaker: An Undertaker is like a guard that is a cut above all the NPC guards. Sure they may exhibit skills that are un-naturally high but that does not mean that a guard and an officer would be of equal physical form and value. However while an officer may be much more physically able an Undertaker has the ability to begin with a worm eater weapon AND a customized one at that.
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What's the difference?
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