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The Chief, Charlie, sets up an event for all prisoners to participate in. Will you participate? Sign up here!
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The Bloody Swan, Manako, and the Exorcist, Zilo, engage in romance. Is it true or fake? Click here
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 Charlie C.

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PostSubject: Charlie C.   Charlie C. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2012 10:58 pm

Charlie C. Zwei_zigaretten

Charlie C. Create.php?text=Who%20Am%20I&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Name: Charlie, Charlie.
Nickname: Chuckie.
Event Name: Da Chief.
Classification: Chief.
Personality: Charlie is a man of mystery and douchebaggery that knows no bounds, for his lust for carnage knows no ends, and finds himself oddly agreeing with naysayers on matter of means rather than the ends of destruction, carnage and harm. But despite such vulgarity that exists within Charlie and obnoxiousness, he can be quite an intellectual given his mind is quite sharp, and despite the demeanor he gives off, is far more perceptive than one would imagine. His social attitude is weird to say the least, and out of the norms, but then again, he doesn't conform to many norms, he does conform to a philosophy that is which of respect, and he doesn't easily give it out. In all regards, a random, erratic enigma whom doesn't seem to have a problem with actually committing the atrocious theft of lives. It suggests he has experience in that affair, and is particularly desensitized to that prospect.

Charlie when in combat, tends to be a treacherous opponent, and a vicious one at that. His manner of battling is simple and fluid as much as it is complex. To describe it is to describe gravity. The mechanics are known and all, but the true power behind it cannot be understood, or placed into a tangible understanding of it as well as a comprehension. In other words, tricky.

Whereas Charlie's finer points lies in his intelligent tactical analysis of affairs, all the time, with a Sherlockian mind that never stops for a moment, unless he is asleep. Finding jobs on deciphering many things, coming across events in time, and having an impact on it all for the simple goal of whatever it is he holds at heart. Aye, an enigmatic man as one would say, but not mysterious.

Most of the times, he just doesn't plain care. Or actually doesn't know what the fuck is going on. All of this is on the account of him being drunk.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes beer, wine, sake, schnapps, tequila, and many other boozes. He hates children.
Quirks: He is drunk most of the times, and yet due to his innate body resistance, he can actually step where he intended, but it doesn't help his mental state, or more specifically, his mood.

Charlie C. Create.php?text=Outer%20me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Appearance: Charlie wears pants, boots, and that's it. He doesn't wear a shirt. Ever. He walks around with a short. Even when the situation isn't exactly appropriate. He once had a dream, that he would die if he put on a shirt. Because he believed it, he decided to take off his shirt and walk around topless ever since. Which isn't so bad, Charlie has muscles, and exercises a lot. Because he is da Chief. Despite the fact it is not a part of the job qualification, he exercises after reading favorite parts of his book, and does fifty nine push ups. More than someone he knows in life who gets inspired by someone with a beard.

Charlie has wavy hair, and he has black hair, as well as a mustache. He isn't Japanese, because he is not Japanese. He was born in Hawaii, and decided to move to Japan. Which is why Charlie looks like an American. His eyes are also piercing blue, and he has the romantic look he can ever give a woman ever. It is also his constant gaze (refer to avatar). He looks like a drunken rapist, but that's how prisoner's can tell that's the Chief. Because he looks like he'd actually be the rapist in prison. That, or they'd probably mistake some random rapist for Charlie. But whatever the case, everyone knows Charlie's looks from the getgo. He is the only person with a 'stache in the entire prison, or rather the entirety of Japan.

Height: 6' 3" ft.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Special Characteristics: He is the only person with a mustache.

Charlie C. Create.php?text=Inner%20Me&name=RatInfestedMailbox

Hand to hand: Charlie has great strength, given his build, and his training in Karate, he is capable of striking with the power to break several blocks of stones. Knowing how to combat with just his bare fists.

Swordsmanship: Charlie knows how to use a sword, but in his own improvised form. Yet despite that, he handles it with mastery, and proficiency, easily enough swinging a two handed sword with one hand very fast.

Projectiles: Charlie is capable of using weapons expertly, and appropriately knows how to throw weapons accurately, gauging the distance to his best efficiency to turn even the simplest implements into a nasty killing machine.

Speed: Despite the demeanor and the sluggish way he carries himself, Charlie is quite fast as a human, capable of closing distances and reacting appropriately in a moment. Limber and agile as a werecat.

Constitution: Because Charlie has an above average amount of blood more so than the normal human, he has an insane amount of stamina, and is capable of going for long lengths time without visible display of fatigue, which makes him capable of doing all but the most rigorous exercises without showing a semblance of exhaustion. Capable of enduring high pain as well, as if it almost doesn't faze him.
Blood Type: A+
Ambitions/Dreams: He wants to kill Ronald McDonald one day.

Charlie C. Create.php?text=My%20Story&name=RatInfestedMailbox


Guard Arc: When Charlie was a Guard in Deadman Wonderland, he had acted as the second in command to the Chief Warden, putting down order in the harshest manner possible, and getting drunk whenever he could. He was known as a good/evil person after going on a rampage and slaughtering every prisoner he could find in Block A. Unjustifiably, the Chief Warden decided to move Charlie into becoming an Undertaker, where his temperment might be better suited herding the Deadmen around, as he was transferred there. During that time, Charlie had his family get connections to get him out of the Undertaker division as soon as possible and let him lay about doing nothing in his time. After all, he was the uncle of a very influential politician, and the father to another influential socialite in a secret society.

Undertaker Arc: During that time as an Undertaker, Charlie actually was tolerated for his antics instead of being seen as a nuisance, given his ferocity and his tenacity in combating any Scar Chains, sniffing out trouble where it was just to actually create more of it till there was no more to be had, had set him as an exemplary Undertaker among the Undertakers if anything. Mostly because the enemies he fought were using powerful abilities that can project blood in a specific form. But to the other Undertakers, Charlie was an outsider at best. He wasn't a criminal, but rather a deviant guardsman that was far too bloodthirsty to be contained as a typical guard, and was instead opted to be an Undertaker. If anyone would've known better, this was the same as acknowledging Charlie was a criminal. Months had passed that he would oppress the Deadmen, and even accosted the show of their Deadmen, star Deadmen who are worth a lot, thus angering the Chief Warden. Though this couldn't have been any better a time than this considering his nephew and son came through with their promise, and arranged for a little accident for the Chief Warden to follow, and Charlie to have quite a lot of recommendations, though bogus as they were, into becoming the Chief Warden. The Chief Warden died from some suddenly spontaneous and well supplied Scar Chains revolt, that Charlie had put down himself, getting the spotlight for it, and lots and lots of booze.

Chief Warden Arc: He got drunk, a lot. He was careless as Chief, and does an atrocious job at it. Not horrible atrocious, but more kill a lot of prisoners and not care about human rights atrocious. Insisting on draconic rules, and not even reading the many paperwork that come his way before even signing them, he has earned the ire of the many more level headed guards, but the Undertakers cared not for the Chief Warden's antics.

Theme Song: N/A.
RP Sample: N/A.
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PostSubject: Re: Charlie C.   Charlie C. I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 1:12 am

Luckily you are pre-approved for the spot and don't require an RP sample thus this is approved Friend-Chief. Happy hunting.
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Charlie C.
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