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 Hotaru, Momoko. The Greed of DMW! (WiP)

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PostSubject: Hotaru, Momoko. The Greed of DMW! (WiP)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:46 pm


Name: Hotaru, Momoko.
Nickname: Momo.
Age: 17.
Event Name: Greed.
Classification: Undertaker.

Momo is known to be slightly timid at first - to those who are just meeting her. She is hard to get to know, and opening up to people is hard for her. After she does, she is known to be seen as overly happy and jumpy, giddiness and goofiness is one of her charms. She is faithful and sticks to the people she befriends, and is known to be overly protective of the people she adores. She is clingy, which could be considered cute, or just annoying. Momo likes to obey the rules of anyone - except the Chief. She likes to be a rebel at times and sneak out of her cell at night and wander around, most likely going to her favourite spot in her unit, or her friend's cells. She likes to write poetry and holds it dear to her.

Momo tends to overcompensate her abilities to fight - knowing she isn't as good as the rest of the prisoners in Deadman Wonderland, and does so by showing off her scythe. Momo is not seen angry very often, but when she is, she isn't vicious at all. She is just seen with her hands cupped into tight fists, and when she is angry, she is known to be greedy. She is uncompassionate at times, and likes to pick on people she tends to dislike.

Momo has a fear of chains. She finds them as cruel and dangerous - but she strangely has a liking to them when she is seen as "angry". Momo is confused at times, and is viewed as stupid, or bubbly. She is offended when people call her slanderous names. Momo can be seen as emotional when she is upset, when she cries, she is the type of person to blame others and hit things, or people. She likes to play hard-to-get when flirting. Momo as seen as a huge flirt, although, she is innocent and loving once she finds someone to love.



• Sweet Foods
• Men
• Sneaking out of her cell
• The thought of loving someone


• Hypocrites
• Seeing her friends hurt

Quirks: Momo is known as "cat girl" because of her tail and ears, and her tendency to purr and rub up against things.

Appearance: (At least a full paragraph)
Special Characteristics: (Tattoos, scars, etc.)

Blood Type:

History: (Put it in arcs for easy reads. What has your character been through? How did they get here? At least 3 paragraphs)

Theme Song: (Optional)
RP Sample: (Optional)
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Hotaru, Momoko. The Greed of DMW! (WiP)
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