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 Sneaking my way to G, doobiedoobiedoo

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Anima Cremisi

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PostSubject: Sneaking my way to G, doobiedoobiedoo   Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:02 am

Really, it didn't make any sense for him to be sneaking around inside the prison. He basically had the proper authority to go wherever he damned well pleased save the Research and Development laboratories in Block E. But, even before he got that authority at a heavy cost, there was just an itch in him that demanded he sneak about to other wards. And so he did, enjoying himself as he daintily snuck past guards and cleverly made use of key shafts to get himself into the bellows.

It was always hard to get to the Bellows. Because the one entrance to it from Block C that he knew of happened to run over a break room for the guards. And of course, contrary to what you may have seen in movies or manga, trying to move in these shafts is anything BUT quiet. Unless you're extremely careful and want to scare some guards.

A slow shifting noise could be heard emanating from the air vents, it was bit unnoticeable since the communal radio was blaring some old-timey music ... but eventually one guard picked up on it. And proceeded to be unnerved. It sounded like metal scraping on metal, a grating noise that dug into his brain. So much that he decided to get out of the break room rather than investigate, a scene that was noted by Anima and resulted in him giving a calm sigh before carrying on.

But this wasn't the hard part.

Oh no.

The hard part was sneaking past the turrets.

Y'see, the Bellows were once open to use between the wards, both above ground and underground. But, after realizing that many prisoners attempted to use the bellows as an escape route and usually dying due to not knowing where the fuck they were going ... the bellows were considered off-limits to everyone and motion-sensor turrets were installed to keep things in line.

The good news was that the sensors were monodirectional, and thus would never turn. The bad news was that the turrets themselves operated on some twisted schedule and regularly rotated their point of view to sweep the area.

The best news was that he had come here so often, (nine years, for real), that he knew the patterns by heart and decided to try something new. He wasn't going to sneak over there ... he was going to WALTZ over there.

And waltz he did, with his non-existent dancing skills and supple body, he spun and twirled, hopped and ducked, all his way across the dozens of lasers going about their usual business. All in all, it did fulfill the itch as he had hoped. But there was another appetite he had.

He choose G ward for a very specific reason, and after taking the last step forward from the array of sensors that would have brought horrible leaden death proceeded into the vast abyss that was the bellows. Here it was the place where the world goes to die.

And through it, he would arrive for the first time where the demons of Deadman Wonderland lived.

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Sneaking my way to G, doobiedoobiedoo
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