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 Chocolate Salty Balls...Put'em in your mouth and suck'em...

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Vincente De Mora Alvares

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PostSubject: Chocolate Salty Balls...Put'em in your mouth and suck'em...   Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:32 pm


Alvares, Vincente, De Mora (Last, First, Middle)
Violet Soltace
Event Name:
Kuku Kun
Vincente De Mora Alvares. What can be said about this deceptive bastard. Well besides that, he's quite interesting. His Personality revolves around destroying the lives of others. His mind works like an odd mechanism. He analyzes those before him and finds their weaknesses. He examines both how one speaks and their body language. That is how this man works.

This man will analyze every last piece of you until he's found what makes you tick. When he does, he will find a way to use that against you. That is something that only a true devious person would even attempt. This is what this type of being this man is.

His thoughts on another's life is quite the same as you would expect. He believes everyone is not equal. There are people who are better then others. It all depends upon if the betters make use of their gifts or not. If they do, they may very well end up where they wish to end up. Those who don't will end up destroying themselves. The mind set of Vincente is always so complicated. More or less he can easily be described as a puzzle wrapped in an enigma and shrouded in mystery. His true intentions are never easy to tell. He always works to make others do his "dirty work" so that he does't find the need to dirty his hands.

But of course, there are times when he must do things himself. When he does, he tends to act in a manor that is befitting of the slob that he his. First, he will fight with out his hands, instead using his feet. Then he will fight with one hand if pushed. Pushed farther results in two hands. Pushed to the limit, he will draw his sword. At which time he will seek to destroy that which caused his sword being drawn. Among the many many things he hates, one of which is his Katana being dirtied by the scum of the world. As always, Vincente sees women as property. He finds most of them can not prove their worth in weight over a fight. Those that can will eventually earn his respect. Other times, he will simply take hold of them and attempt to break their psyche. If it happens, he'd find himself taking hold of a new pet. It is also quite important to note that Vincente follows orders, however orders that are not explicit in their way of implementation, he will get carry out the orders his way. This could mean collateral damage as a cost.

VIncente likes to make slaves for himself. This is a hobby of his. He has always been a taker on the buying, selling, and production of slaves. They always prove to be the most....interesting...of slaves. Other then that for likes he has none other, aside from torture. He is absolutely giddy about Torture.

This man has no real big quarks besides listening to fairly loud music. He would be best known for his "quirk" on always seeking to enslave some females for what ever use he sees fit.

Deceptively, Vincente looks quite scrawny. He stands at a large six foot tall but weighs only one hundred pounds. This causes an offsetting feeling per the fact that he is quite like a strong man in a guise.

Vincente's clothing is not like most Undertakers. Instead, he bears an old Japanese eke Samurai Gi. His Gi is elegantly white with Purple, Teal, and blue linings. This Gi has the standard old Samurai pants tied with a purple rope seemingly elegant to the touch. When let down, Vincente's hair reaches to the back of his knees. However he prefers to wear it tied up in a high pony tail accented by two red Chopstick like items that form an 'X' in the base of his tail. It's to note his nails are also painted purple for only heaven knows why. It's to note Vincente's hair is a purple color, however depending on the light can be dark or light. He also bears two long collection of strands tied off at the end with a small light blue bow. Aside from that, Vic has gentle and deceptively caring light purple eyes which in the right light can oddly be seen as light green.

Upon his head, he often bears a red headset. This is not known too much but for the fact that it can tap in to the Prison's Security system or phone system. Much like a high tech. madman. Vic is also known to use it for listening to music when the feeling arises.

It's important to note under this Samurai Gi he bears a skin tight suit. This suit is much more like elastic or Latex in a way. It's comfortable, maneuverable, and allows him to be fully clothed. This skin tight clothing reaches from his neck to his feet. This suit consists of an array of blue, teal, and light blue colors. Also to note, upon his feet he bears boots which reach to the middle of his shin. These boots are teal or light blue for the most part as well as being platform with a thick heel. The sole of the boots are of course white. These boots are also skin tight and fitted to him specifically. But that's not much of a surprise now, is it. The most notable feature is the circular object upon his chest of which the skin tight suit bears. Much like a symbol or testament to his beauty as he would describe it. And as stated before, He looks quite scrawny for the most part, however he does bear a six pack but aside from that he also is a lot stronger then he looks.

Six Feet tall
One hundred pounds
Special Characteristics:
Aside from the clothing, there isn't any significant marks upon his body.

Vincente Harbors a few disturbing powers.

1) Enhanced Strength:
This is his key ability. He is able to produce strength that is cataloged as at least ten body building men in one.

He has a few life skills which are very important:
-Eidetic memory
-Photographic Memory
-Technological understanding
-Quick Learner(usually takes three attempts to understand how it works)
-Understanding of the mind
-Has a large vernacular base and understanding
-Trained in Kick Boxing, Boxing, MMA, and Iaido as well as Most Katana Techniques.
Blood Type:
The only real Ambitions or dreams Vincente holds is to acquire slaves for his collection.
"I would rather rule in hell, then to serve in heaven."

Birth of the End:
Vincente has always been the troublemaker type. Though he rarely did things himself. Instead, he was known for being the 'saint' and making others dirty their hands for him. This has always been the way Vic did things. At one time, he was nearly incarcerated for his actions, however, there was not enough evidence to hold him. This was the type of life the boy born of a hateful life had resulted. Ever since he was fifteen his father would whore poor little Vic to the most undesirable of female and male patrons. This would have been the true "starting point" for his actions if there was such a thing.

He was born and bred to become nothing but a slave himself. He was beaten and abused but yet, he never once cried or fought back. That was, until the day he outsmarted his Father. That was the day that hell broke loose for this very boy that would terrorize others. IT was said, that only the tortured grow up to torture others. This was indeed the case for Vincente De Mora Alvares. He had planned his renegade Coup' De' Tat that would succeed. He overturned his Father's "rule" as it were and designated him the slave instead. He put his father threw the same horrible disconcerted debauchery as he went through. Though it must be said this little tyke was quite the intelligent fellow.

Deadmen tell no tales:
It wasn't long before he had manipulated himself nearly millions of dollars to play with. Well he took a small sum of this money that measured around ten million dollars and used it to achieve his honored spot he bears today. He spent the money bribing, manipulating, and faceting his regime of contacts to achieve the beloved position he toys with today. It didn't take long for his money to buy him his first Worm Eater Sword either. He found that having a surplus of money was fairly entertaining as it usually bought a lot of things that would make for enjoyment for the time being. Aside from that, Vincente did fairly well in inducting himself in to the Prison's Hierarchy. However he rarely enjoys taking orders he does follow them. Except for the fact that if they're not strict orders he will do as he pleases with no regard to who's life happens to get in the way. Upon integrating himself in to the Prisons he took note to find technological ways to..assist the completion of his desires and orders. What a fun soul to be associated with...yes?

Theme Song:

RP Sample:
My Epic sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Chocolate Salty Balls...Put'em in your mouth and suck'em...   Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:21 pm

I see no problem with this, but remember, since you're an Undertaker, you have a worm weapon, which drains BOS powers. So when you're using that, you cannot use your BOS. Other than that, I see no problem with this.


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Chocolate Salty Balls...Put'em in your mouth and suck'em...
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