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 Carnival Corpse General Rules

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PostSubject: Carnival Corpse General Rules   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:26 pm

Alright everyone these are the rules for beating one another out there in the field of blood on blood and body on body combat.

1: Every match has specific rules that must be followed by all participants.

2: The most participants in a match allowed is 6.

3: Refusing a summons to Carnival Corpse will put a 550 Cast Point bounty on you as well as grant you 5 days in F-Block if captured.

4: Killing in Carnival Corpse is not forbidden BUT it is not smiled upon. Killing anyone during the match itself will net you a reward of exactly 0.

5: 500 Cast Points are awarded the winner of Carnival Corpse matches per opponent in the match.

6: Interference in Carnival Corpse is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate and sever punishment to the fullest extent.

7: Resisting the Slot Machine will result in 2 rolls instead of 1.

8: Concerning damage; Death and Slot Machine damage will remain with you IC however all other damage suffered will be repaired by the Deadman Wonderland staff and thus will not be worried about outside of that one match.
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Carnival Corpse General Rules
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